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  1. AlS3BE

    Facelift Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S - weird vibration???

    Have you checked that the wheel nuts are on tight/torqued and the tyre pressures are correct? Wouldn’t be the first time a dealer/tyre fitter didn’t do this right.
  2. AlS3BE

    Parking cameras

    Not cheap then :-p
  3. AlS3BE

    Parking cameras

    I’m assuming you will need front parking sensors for this to work as well. Roughly what are the costs involved in something like this for you to fit? Trying to decide get a new car or keep this one and play with it a little. Not much out there I fancy and due to COVID I've done little mileage.
  4. AlS3BE

    Parking cameras

    Had a **** of my mates q3 and saw this and was quite impressed. Is this possible with the 8v? What parts will be needed to get this. Cheers
  5. AlS3BE

    My S3 departs Thursday

    Nice looking car. Was expecting an extravagant colour after your green beast :-p
  6. AlS3BE

    PCP finance

    Well this is a new one for me. Thought after all the PPI stuff coming to an end I will get less calls about **** in general but today got a call about missold pcp finance. Looks like these ppi lawyers are trying to pull the same stuff as ppi on pcp. Not even sure what they wanted but pretty...
  7. AlS3BE

    S tronic Sound

    Wow, you sound the tech at the dealers when they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong :-p
  8. AlS3BE

    Ridiculous gear change!!

    Not sure on the s3 but I know a few folk with similar problems with diesels and dual mass flywheel change there’s to a single mass flywheel and it’s better but not a cheap job.
  9. AlS3BE

    Would an Audi A3 8V door module work on a Audi Q2 (exact same parts numbers)?

    You got to post a video of these mirrors dancing :-p
  10. AlS3BE

    Changing all 4 tyres on A7 Quattro

    20k out a set is not bad going. Still a sore one I bet. I always think that car and tyre manufacturers are in on it. Something like your 275 wide tyres , does your car really need 275? There must a point of diminishing returns the wider your tyre goes. Don’t think touring cars have tyres as...
  11. AlS3BE

    Any way to hook up my Xbox series x to my 2012 Audi a6 mmi?

    Which version of MMI do you have, rmc or MMI 3G? Different versions requires different setup and VIM activation. In its simplest form you just hook up video to the AMI with the correct cable but resolution is pants. You will need some kinds of converter from hdmi to composite. You will also...
  12. AlS3BE

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Is this teats,spikes or whatever they are called that bad or annoying to you guys? Can’t believe there’s a tool to remove them. It’s one of those things that I’ve never cared too much about it or go to the extent to cut them off.
  13. AlS3BE

    Changing all 4 tyres on A7 Quattro

    Wow!! Don’t think I have ever spent over a grand on tyres. My last set of genuine Audi winter alloy wheels with Dunlop winter tyres were around £700 from a dealer. These were 18s though.
  14. AlS3BE

    PCP questions

    If it’s an Audi service plan she got thrown in the deal then it can be with any franchise dealer. Last few cars I bought I got the dealer to throw in a service or 2 but it was only at the supplying dealer not any dealer. Audi service plan comes with a bit of paperwork so it should be quite clear.
  15. AlS3BE

    Changing all 4 tyres on A7 Quattro

    Most people won’t have theirs cars long enough for the effects of dodgy tyres to show up in the diffs. By then Audi won’t give a damn. Same with the 8 speed zf box. Audi says sealed for life and zf says 60-80ks. By the time it shows symptoms it will be well out of warranty.
  16. AlS3BE

    Annoying Sunroof!

    A good lube up might solve your problems.
  17. AlS3BE

    Changing all 4 tyres on A7 Quattro

    was told it was 2mm on both. Could be wrong. 4mm across axle is huge difference, new tyre only has ~ 8mm, and would suggest other issues like tracking or suspension.
  18. AlS3BE

    Annoying Sunroof!

    The grease is like £40 for 30ml as I looked at doing this myself a while back then decided never to have a pano roof again.
  19. AlS3BE

    Annoying Sunroof!

    I think it’s like £100+ for the service. Only reason I know about the warranty is I had issues and was never offered the service even though it was only main dealer serviced. Traded the car in before it was sorted as I was getting a new car anyway but wanted everything sorted beforehand. No...
  20. AlS3BE

    Spray waxes/drying aid

    @jassyo06 Done and dusted normal or done and dusted si edition?