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  1. desertstorm

    1.8T oil squirters

    Well had a small issue when I was stripping the block the other day to get it ready for some new pistons. The third oil squirter I came to undo decided it would rather stop in the block. I was using a 12 point spline to remove them and had removed 2 already. The 4th came out OK as well which...
  2. desertstorm

    1.8T BT rebuild, Wossner pistons, crank washers, engine rebore West Mids?

    A few questions for those in the know with experience. I am rebuilding my TT engine. Initially I was going to keep the original pistons, they looked good and the bore appeared good. The engine had pretty good compression and no issues . @Prawn convinced me that I would be better off replacing...
  3. desertstorm

    Cylinder head refurbishment West Mids / Staffordshire

    Anybody recommend a workshop in the West Mids/ Staffordshire area to get some valve guides changed and a head skimmed for a 1.8T.
  4. desertstorm

    Big turbo oil and coolant lines.

    Been looking through several build threads and much Googling trying to find information on making up oil and coolant lines for the G25-660 going on my TT. It comes with a restricted AN4 adaptor for the oil supply and some AN6 adaptors for the coolant flow so seems an idea to use them. I know...
  5. desertstorm

    1.8T track car engine tuning G25-660

    Hi all, Looking for opinions,ideas on a proprosed engine upgrade for my BAM engined TT track car. Currently running 275bhp and 300Lb/ft of torque I am happy with the weight reduction, suspension mods, brakes etc car just needs some more oomph down the straights. Looking at hybrids an AET 380...
  6. desertstorm

    Custom exhaust West Mids / Staffordshire DKU performance

    Looking to ditch the heavy restrictive standard system on my 225 TT. Not so much restrictive at the power level I have 275bhp ,but looking forward that might be increasing so a 3 inch system I think. currently has a 3 inch D/P and decat. Anybody used DKU performance in Walsall ?. Or have any...
  7. desertstorm

    Track day steering wheels and fixing boss.

    Looking for a track day steering wheel for the TT. Posted in this forum as it seems to be a bit more lively, and they are pretty much the same car. Lots of fake OMP/ SPARCO/MOMO wheels from China on Fleabay. I quite like the look of the Motamec wheels. They may also be made in China but from the...
  8. desertstorm

    Just had my MK1 TT mapped by Rick

    Well the car has been mapped this morning. The day didn't start off too well as just as I was driving past Manchester airport on the motorway there was a loud bang and a fault light popped up on the dash. I kind of worked out within about 10-20 seconds that it was boost pipe coming off or...
  9. desertstorm

    McLaren 570S supercar destroyed in a crash. This pair were really lucky, Not often you could take out an electricity pole in an accident with the car catching fire and walk away with minor injuries. The wonders of carbon fibre F1 technology. I wonder how fast it was going though as...
  10. desertstorm

    Coilover spring rates

    Just about to press the button and buy some coilovers for the MK1 TT. Essentially the same as the 8L S3. After looking around at all the various options it came down to the BC racing items or GAZ Golds. I am leaning towards the GAZ golds even though they will be more expensive as they seem to be...
  11. desertstorm

    Mk1 TT 225 track day car, 153mph on Track!! . Goodbye Mr GT3 :)

    Having done the odd track day event in my everyday A4 diesel estate decided that it might be a bit better if I have a go at converting a car to a decent track day spec to have some more serious fun. I know lots of people opt for Clios or BMW's but I was never one to follow the crowd. Used S3's...
  12. desertstorm

    GTI International 2017 at Rockingham

    Just had an E-mail regarding GTI International 2017 which appears to have moved to Rockingham for 2017. Instead of the 1/4 mile run they appear to be running on the main banked section of the track and the national circuit part of the track is open for some track action. Look good. Put it in...
  13. desertstorm

    Audi withdraw from World Endurance championship

    Audi have announced they will be withdrawing from the World Endurance Championship to concentrate on their entry in Formula E. Looking forward to the first RS electric car :) . Hopefully Audi can show Tesla how to make quick electric cars. I did wonder how long both Porsche and Audi would...
  14. desertstorm

    What is wrong with this car ? Why do people do it ? personally I am not sure I would want to drive this, especially in the wet.
  15. desertstorm

    45% off code for GSF valid till 24:00 on 28th

    Hi Everyone, spotted this on another forum and just went to try it out. It does seem to work. 45% Off anything on the site valid till midnight on 28th WED45 Karl.
  16. desertstorm

    Team Dynamics quality issues and Demon Tweeks poor customer service

    Bit of a mouthful for a thread title, suppose I could have raised two but decided to do it all in one. Anyway took advantage of the Team Dynamics wheel sale that Demon Tweeks had several weeks ago to buy a set of 18 inch Pro Race 1.2's for the car. Had to wait 6 weeks for them to arrive as they...
  17. desertstorm

    Cheap OZ 19 Inch wheels for the A4

    Just surfing around and spotted these OZ Leggera HLT alloys. £650 for a set of lightweight OZ 19 inch rims is fairly cheap. With an ET for 38 I suspect they would fit the A4, Definately...
  18. desertstorm

    Demon Tweeks 50% off Team Dynamics wheels

    Good deal for quality light weight wheels. I have been running the Pro Race 1.2 on my A4 and have been well happy with them If your looking for some big 20 inch lightweight rims they have some Pro Race 1.3 in silver or black 5*112 20 *9 ET 35 £637 a set of 4...
  19. desertstorm

    GTI International 2016 (Last one at shakey ?)

    Copying a thread posted by Neil Birkett on the Club GTI page. "Dates for GTI International 2016 now confirmed with the Shakespeare County Raceway: July (8) 9 - 10 2016 Yes, same weekend as Silverstone Grand Prix, but can't be helped, as it is the only weekend the SCR can fit into their...
  20. desertstorm

    Cheap 16 inch BBS alloys

    Not exactly the correct place for this but thought they might be of some use to people looking for possibly winter wheels or even some nice 16 inch wheels. More people might see it. The CO wheel is a cheaper version of the CH motorsport wheel 90% of the looks for 50% of the price. You can't go...