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  1. desertstorm

    2015 Audi A3 sudden loss of power after a pull and now ticking noises

    That does sound very trappety to me. I would get it to a specialist and get them to listen to it and check for fault codes. It probably went into limp mode when you had the loss of power. Many reasons this can happen but quite often when the ignition is cycled normal operation is resumed. At the...
  2. desertstorm

    my s3 project build

    The bolts are usually described as radius seat or taper seat. As above OE wheels and some aftermarket wheels can have radius seats, But most aftermarket wheels have taper seats. And as stated above fitting the wrong bolts to a wheel is not good and can result in the bolts coming loose.
  3. desertstorm

    My minor modding thread

    Looking good. Don't forget that spigot bearing in the end of the crank. Wouldn't want to have to pull the gearbox again.
  4. desertstorm

    Facelift 8P S3 - Manual to DSG conversion

    That is the part number quoted for a CDLA with DSG . You need a new set of DMF bolts as they are TTY so not reuseable. I bought two spigot bearings when I did my change, one was for a 1.8T auto gearbox and the other for a 2012 TTS, which is what my gearbox came from. The spigot bearing is...
  5. desertstorm

    Facelift 8P S3 - Manual to DSG conversion

    Hi I would have thought retrofitting a DSG box to that car would be simpler than me fitting one to my Mk1 1.8T TT, and that wasn't that difficult. You may have seen my build thread but there is a link here with information on gearbox codes and stuff. You also need to fit a spigot bearing in the...
  6. desertstorm

    Component Protection

    I would disconnect the battery again for 20-30 minutes and see if it sorts itself.
  7. desertstorm

    Engine and gearbox out in one go. S3 8L BAM

    Here's the engine removal procedure. At a main dealer they use a cradle that mounts to the bottom of the engine to lower the engine out the bottom of the bay. Most of the steps apply to remove it with a crane . You don't need to remove the power steering pump , just disconnect the hoses. The...
  8. desertstorm

    Engine and gearbox out in one go. S3 8L BAM

    I have taken out the engine and box in my TT now several times to rebuild the engine and replace / upgrade the gearbox. As Luke says above trying to work on the drive on your own with no lift it's a real pain trying to get a gearbox out. A lot of the wiring on the engine can stay in place...
  9. desertstorm

    Clutch release bearing cost

    As above if you are replacing the release bearing then budget for a complete clutch. No point in changing the bearing and 12 months later changing a clutch. Noises as you describe can also becaused by the DMF.
  10. desertstorm

    Bobby Singh's Audi S2 avant project

    Looking good, I like the fact that the bolt spacing on the cylinder head looks to be the same as a 1.9PD. VAG really do seem to stick with proven concepts and designs. So much is swappable between platforms . It may be an optical illusion on the picture of that oil pump spring but the diameter...
  11. desertstorm

    Dying alternator?

    Likely to be the regulator on the alternator. They have the brushes attached and you will probably find the one brush very worn so it is just touching the slip rings on the alternator. When you stop the engine the brush makes contact again. At low rpm the brush can maintain contact at higher rpm...
  12. desertstorm

    Rear Wiper Motor: is this common?

    The alloy ring is moulded into the plastic arm and is what provides the connection between the motor shaft and the wiper arm.
  13. desertstorm

    Building a 350HP S3

    Noticed your forum name. A lot of the stuff Bartek sells is cheap Chinese stuff that you can get elsewhere cheaper if you want. As for the engine to get 350bhp from a BAM reliably you will needs rods, Big end bearings,exhaust valves , whilst the head is off I would get it skimmed and exhaust...
  14. desertstorm

    DSG downshift clunk

    Have you tried a gearbox adaption with vcds.
  15. desertstorm

    Avf pd130 intercooler options

    My build thread for my AVF Passat. Almost 10 years ago now but there you can fit a reasonable size FMIC behind the crash bar. I can't imagine a B6 A4 is goint to be too much different. I fitted a BV43 turbo to my car made around 210bhp in the end...
  16. desertstorm

    VOGTLAND Springs - any good?

    H & R springs always seem to be more uncomfortable and performance oriented than most other springs available. Not sure about Vogtland springs but I have used Eibach springs for many years now and find them a good quality product that do work well. Find the part number you need and have a look...
  17. desertstorm

    Battery replacement

    There are probably more Varta batteries fitted to VAG cars than any other make. They are one of the best battery makes available. Fortunately you have purchased a Bosch battery which actually is made by Varta. The Bosch and Varta batteries of the same size and spec are the same batteries with...
  18. desertstorm

    my s3 project build

    It's not that difficult to replace the crankshsft sensor, maybe something you could do yourself. I think a generic OBD reader may be able read codes if the CAN lines are connected to the OBD socket.
  19. desertstorm

    Blown transmission

    Yep that's toast. O2J not the strongest box especially if the car is modified.