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  1. Duncs

    MyAudi App Keyholder

    I had that problem when collecting my car, the dealers took about a week to sort it and messaged me to try again, and it worked - it is definitely a database issue you can't fix yourself.
  2. Duncs

    A3 Hidden Features

    Not really a hidden feature, but the parcel shelf fits under the boot floor - which it never did on the 8V. This is very handy when taking large items, but want to restore the car en-route! (and keeps the parcel shelf clean, as you don't need to prop up in the garage)
  3. Duncs

    Centre console audio controls lit?

    It should be lit up at night, especially in an S-line
  4. Duncs

    MMI - main user unable to login

    You don't need to change user unless you have multiple users set up and you were not the last one to use it? It is just a welcome screen showing who last used, and you press select user if you want a different one - you can just set off, or touch radio or sat nav to remove - and you're away...
  5. Duncs

    Map update and other minor MMI issues

    It sounds like the configuration in the car has not completed - therefore the app is not integrated with the car yet. Have you tried forcing the MMI to reboot and start again? You can do this by holding down the power button on the MMI wheel next to the gear lever - then try and set up again...
  6. Duncs

    What I don’t like about my A3

    Perfect - I know that was how you did it in the 8V - but you also had a key!! Thank you.
  7. Duncs

    What I don’t like about my A3

    3 months in, my gripes are: 1. Have to turn engine on to unwind mirrors - and use MMI for wipers to service mode - pain when about to clean car 2. Not being able to permanently turn off idiot aids - lane departure a real bug bear, at least the others you can turn sensitivity right down 3. Cup...
  8. Duncs

    Oil change already?

    What is the average mileage on a variable plan for the first oil change? I got my 8Y in August - replacing my 8V of the same engine (1.5 TFSI 150bhp) - the service indicator was always quite accurate, and services were approx 18k miles apart. I do about 18k per year (outside of lockdowns...
  9. Duncs

    A3 S line standard alloys

    The wheels were a big deal for me - saw the standard ones on the configurator and autotrader at the point of ordering, and knew these would just not do. Therefore this was one of the few optional extras I had to tick - very happy with my diamond cut grey wheels...
  10. Duncs

    2022 Model Changes

    One of the reasons for the delay in mine getting built was apparently the spec change for the 2022 model. By next year you may be on the 2023 model! Only noticeable change was the two USB's were one standard, one C type - now both C. BTW I have had mine since the end of August and no bugs to...
  11. Duncs

    Am I weird or do you all do it ?

    it is perfectly normal!! I have to admit I will spend many an hour going through every menu, pressing every button (luckily stopped at the SOS one!) - checking every cubby hole and area of the car - no setting goes unexplored - even if that means going back when it's dark to play with the...
  12. Duncs

    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    35TFSI manual, over the first 1400 miles I have got 41mpg lifetime running E10. Daily commute ranges from 40-43 on average in auto engine mode. One thing I did notice on a rather mundane drive, when on the consumption display and coasting, if I was in a high gear it has full bar, but does not...
  13. Duncs

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    I have the sports suspension, which in my opinion is higher and softer than the 8V - it still holds well round corners etc, but does absorb bumps better than the outgoing model. If you can change, I would, as standard suspension must look like it is on stilts....
  14. Duncs

    Hilarious Fake Exhaust Trims on 8Y :-)

    I have noticed that VAG seem to have fallen in love with putting fake exhausts across the various company ranges, a theme seen with quite a few nowadays. Some with success, some utterly stupid! I assume this is to cater for the hybrid/fully electric models, so they all look the same - reduction...
  15. Duncs

    USB flash stick question

    Congratulations on your order - hope you will not have a massive wait! I got a little help on the forums last week on this as the 8Y does not support my old iPod shuffle.... I had always converted my CD's to iTunes previously It will read them in separate folders fine - indeed I copied my...
  16. Duncs

    USB C ports

    Worked a treat - thank you!!
  17. Duncs

    USB C ports

    Great, thanks I will give that a go! I just remember in days gone it needed to be in a different format.
  18. Duncs

    USB C ports

    Obv they do, but it leaves me still on option 1 where I need to convert all the iTunes files to be compatable
  19. Duncs

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    A question if I may, did you exclude your PX at the point of doing the original deal or some time after (say in a different sales quarter)?
  20. Duncs

    USB C ports

    That is helpful, but I assume you have an iPhone - I have a Samsung :(