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  1. mikemod

    Difference between alloys

    They are different widths and offsets 8V0601025AM - 7.5Jx18 ET51 8V0601025AR - 8.0Jx18 ET46
  2. mikemod

    Engine cover

    Every time my car went in for a service it came back with that grommet missing, there must me a load of them on the workshop floor. The part number is 07C103226B @ £2.98 The other three black ones are different and the part number for them is like the one from pburv above. 06J103226A
  3. mikemod

    New car lots of problems...

    Looks like your assumption is right, according to the ETKA parts database the unit fitted to you car is for vehicles fitted with Climatronic . What year is the car? For manual air conditioning the part number is 8V0820047C for cars up to 07/10/13 and 8V0820047D for cars after that. The only...
  4. mikemod

    A3 8V Condenser Replacement (or Workshop manual link)

    You can sign up for ERWIN AUDI for an hour, about £6, then just download everything related to your car for future reference. You can also enter your VIN and it will give a complete breakdown of options and when the production date was.
  5. mikemod

    S3 wheels

    The colour code for the standard S3 wheels is 4EE
  6. mikemod

    brake servo restricted

    I just bought a 2017 S5 so I thought I would check. It looks like I have the latest version "B", which according to ETKA was only available from 01/03/21. Maybe the previous owner had replaced it already or do they all just fail.
  7. mikemod

    S3 to S5

    I have just gone from a 2016 FL S3 3 door to a 2017 S5 Coupe and love it. As said above it is such a nice place to sit, more room than the S3 and it still gets me when I look out the passenger door mirror and it seems far away. I miss the Hatchback for lugging stuff about, the boot in the S5 is...
  8. mikemod

    Facelift LED vs Matrix lights

    Looks like non-matrix, the matrix LEDS have three distinct sections to the side of the main beam.
  9. mikemod

    S4 Exhaust Valve tweak

    I had mine disabled on the S3 via VCDS , no issues but looks like no way on the S5. Like other people have found with miles on the car and heat and dirt over time mine were really difficult to remove. When I had mine disconnected it threw up some error codes, in VCDS, relating to the rear...
  10. mikemod

    Air Filter Servicing Requirements.

    After picking up the S5 a few weeks back, 25K on the clock, I thought I would check the air filter housing as some had reported debris in there. I'm not sure if an animal had been living there but lots of feathers and leaves !!
  11. mikemod

    Facelift S3 gone, I only called in to extend the warranty !!

    I'll swap you for the engine :grinning:
  12. mikemod

    Facelift S3 gone, I only called in to extend the warranty !!

    Mine is the 3.0 V6 Turbo, I'm not sure if they have changed the pedal layout for the B9 but I would say it's one of the most comfortable cars I have driven, especially the massage seats :grinning:.
  13. mikemod

    New Audi A5/S5 picture thread

    Just sold my S3 and bought this. 2017 S5, only 25K on the clock, hadn't really intended to change as I didn't know what I wanted but saw this when in the dealer and just went for it.
  14. mikemod

    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH VCDS HEX-USB+CAN Cable (Unlimited VIN)

    This was originally purchased from ROSS-TECH directly from the United States and is an unlimited VIN cable Still in perfect condition. Looking about £200 including Special Delivery postage.
  15. mikemod

    Facelift S3 gone, I only called in to extend the warranty !!

    So I thought I would go for the Audi all in warranty/service pack as I decided I would just keep the S3 as I couldn't decide what to buy next. When I was in for the initial inspection someone had just bought a new RS5 and traded in a 2017 S5 Coupe 3.0T, only 25K miles, same colour as my S3...
  16. mikemod

    Post Pics Of Your S1's In Here

    Just sold the wife's Polo GTI and bought this to go along with the S3. Until I decide what to buy next :grinning:
  17. mikemod

    Audi extended warranty

    Just had my car in with an issue, finally found it after 16 weeks, the final bill was north of £10K (S Tronic clutch pack fault) I'm glad I took the extended warranty out, best £300 I ever spent :grinning:
  18. mikemod

    Facelift S3 hunting under light acceleration

    I got my car back again today with new clutch packs fitted and what a difference, the fault has finally completely gone. Just crossing my fingers for the next few weeks but it is pulling like a train again with no hiccups. Hats off to Audi Belfast who have been superb through all this...
  19. mikemod

    Facelift S3 hunting under light acceleration

    All eight injectors have already been replaced but unfortunately it didn't make any difference.