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  1. Turbo jay

    My b8 dynamik

    Hi guys, thought I would finally get round to introducing myself on the b8 section. I've been hanging round the a3 8p the last few years and with my girlfriend about to give birth to our first baby I'd thought it was about time for a change something bigger and more practical. So just got a a4...
  2. Turbo jay

    Engine hunting 2.0tfsi

    Hi guys Right noticed when I pulled up the drive after work engine was idling then started hunting, do you think this could be a faulty pcv valve?. Also Getting fault code P0171 (system too lean blank 1) Which I've done a search and is suggesting it could be anything from a vacuum leak,lambda...
  3. Turbo jay

    Gti international

    Alright lads, just wondering if anyone from the northwest is going to inters in July?
  4. Turbo jay

    New year new meets!

    Right lads hope everyone had a great Xmas and new year, I just thought I'd get the ball rolling on any possible meets in 2013 seeing are nw section is dead :tumble: so feel free to get any suggestions/ideas out and about Cheers Jay
  5. Turbo jay

    Oil filter on 2.0 tfsi

    Hi can anyone tell me if the oil filter is in the same place on all 2.0 tfsi engine codes I.e bwa,Bpy ect, as mine is bwa (06) and could only find a video of Bpy engines any info would be great thanks
  6. Turbo jay

    Aitp: who's traveling from where and when?

    As the title says just wondering when everyone's going down from the north west and is anyone camping or hoteling also any convoys
  7. Turbo jay

    Conversion or aftermarket Motorised

    Hi all I'm in two minds about having either a single din to double din conversion or buying an after marker motorised flip screen I've been looking at the pioneer 6300bt is it worth the money and effort for a conversion or just go with the motorised screen? any opinions would be great thanks
  8. Turbo jay

    Any meets/shows in north west

    Any replies to the question above? Thanks