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  1. NM07

    Sill plates - same between Saloon and Avant?

    Hi all, Looking to replace the sill plates on my Saloon as they are a bit scuffed. Are they the same part for both Avant and Saloon, or do they have different part numbers?
  2. NM07

    Do all B7's have an oil level sensor?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to tell if my S-Line has an oil level sensor? I never let it get to the point where it would come on, and to be honest it barely uses a drop of oil between services and have never had to top it up, but it got me wondering if they were standard fitment...
  3. NM07

    Knocking/clunking from front suspension when going over bumps

    Hi chaps, Since I got my current saloon, it's always had a faint knocking noise coming from the front suspension when going over bumps, or rough pieces of road. I had the anti-roll bar drop links replaced a while back, and that didn't seem to cure it. I asked my mechanic to take a look at it...
  4. NM07

    Xenon bulbs - Colour temperature

    Hi chaps, I'm looking to get a new set of bulbs for my soon to be retrofitted xenon headlights. I've been having a look at various different colour temperature bulbs, and this is the exact look I'm after: To me, this looks like a 4300k bulb, what do you guys think? It's the exact look I'd...
  5. NM07

    Reverse camera for saloon

    I'm interested in fitting a reverse camera to my saloon. I have a head unit that supports it, and it's all wired up to detect when the car is put into reverse, I just need to actually install the camera and get the wire run through the car. What is the best camera mounting solution for the...
  6. NM07

    Rear interior light types, interchangeable?

    My current rear interior light is the single dome light like this: I'd like to switch it over to this version: Does anyone know if they are interchangeable?
  7. NM07

    Thank you @NHN

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Nigel (@NHN) for the fantastic work he did on my B7 today sorting out the wiring for the washer fluid level indicator as well as fitting my new puddle lit door cards. :smiley: Couldn't be happier with his work. Fantastic knowledge and attention to...
  8. NM07

    Genuine Audi Rubber Mats

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get hold of a set of new/used genuine Audi rubber mats for my B7 saloon? They look like this: Would also be interested in purchasing a set from a fellow forum member if anyone has a set they want to sell!
  9. NM07

    Removing chrome on grill

    Hi all :happy: I've never been too keen on the standard s-line dark gray the grille is painted in. It doesn't match the black fog light surrounds, and I think it looks out of place: On the special editions with the black optic pack, the grille has a gloss black surround, but more importantly...
  10. NM07

    Scuttle Cover Confusion!

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a scuttle cover for my car to tidy up the engine bay a bit. I have managed to find the larger piece on eBay: However I'm struggling to find the ECU cover section? Are they all the same part, or will my 2.0 TDI 140 (BRE) have a specific one? This is the bit I...
  11. NM07

    TDI 170 exhaust on 140

    Hi guys! I would really like to fit the TDI 170 exhaust (tips either side) to my TDI 140 as I think it looks much better. What steps are involved in doing that? Is it a case of the brackets and recess are already there, and I just need to buy the 170 exhaust and rubber hangers, or is it a no-go...