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  1. MattyV5

    A4 2014 3.0 tdi chain rattle

    Same. ****** longlife. Once it’s all done, I’ll look to do an oil change every 8k or so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. MattyV5

    A4 2014 3.0 tdi chain rattle

    98k miles :( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. MattyV5

    A4 2014 3.0 tdi chain rattle

    @Vappy - I’m having the DMF replaced (dual mass flywheel) while the gearbox is out, not the DPF. @kev1973 £4K! Wow! My local vw audi specialist is an ex Bristol Audi technician and has done the job a few times. Lots of garages wouldn’t even touch it! Tensioners and chain kit is around £900 then...
  4. MattyV5

    A4 2014 3.0 tdi chain rattle

    thanks for the reply. Warranty company have agreed the claim but I only have a limit of £1,000. Total price is £1820 plus I’m going to have the DMF replaced at the same time along with anything else the garage thinks could be done while the engine and gearbox is out!
  5. MattyV5

    A4 2014 3.0 tdi chain rattle

    Hi, finally bought a 2014 A4 black edition 3.0 tdi, my luck, it has chain rattle… should have bought a 2.0…. Any way, hopefully getting it fixed under warranty but they are trying to get out of it saying this video is inconclusive and want to send out an independent technician, even though 2...
  6. MattyV5

    AUDI Service History Check Online Free. Website ?

    I’m having serious issues buying a new (2nd hand) car at the moment. Loads state full service history but no one has any paperwork / proof of any of it. By the time you get the details from Audi, the car has sold! I am spending so much time asking about gearbox and cambelt services! So...
  7. MattyV5

    A7 sound clip engine idle - healthy??

    Start up video as requested. Sounds ok to me?
  8. MattyV5

    A7 sound clip engine idle - healthy??

    Ah! Ok fair enough. I’ll ask for a start up video. Thank you.
  9. MattyV5

    A7 sound clip engine idle - healthy??

    I asked them to. I’d seen so many videos where people were diagnosing chain rattle that I’d thought I’d do the same. Can’t hear a rattle, but thought someone hear would have better knowledge on what to listen out for. Plus when buying a car 200 miles away and having it delivered, it’s best to...
  10. MattyV5

    Eliminate diesel clatter CDUC, CDUD 3.0tdi

    what are peoples thoughts on this sound? It’s an A7 but pretty sure they are the same engine? (I posted in A7 forum but not sure that’s as readily viewed as the A6 forum) hope that’s ok!
  11. MattyV5

    A7 sound clip engine idle - healthy??

    In the market for an A7 and a dealer sent me this video clip of the engine noise. Does it sound healthy? A7 2012 242bhp.
  12. MattyV5

    Reliability 2.0 vs 3.0 tdi

    Long time forum member but not posted for an eternity! Have had many Audis in my life time, many A3 8p’s, currently a 170 stronic. Had a C6 and both company cars have been A3’s including my current one which is a 1.5tfsi. I am looking to take a cash allowance for my company car so back into the...
  13. MattyV5

    AVS Servicing - Post your quotes and dealers here.

    Just had my service with a company called 'First Call' who are a German Car specialist based in Nailsea nr Bristol. Fantastic service, collected my car and delivered it back, washed and vacuumed. It was major service for £199 + V.A.T. I have a 2.0 TDi 2004 on 129K miles. Can't praise them...
  14. MattyV5

    A3 Airbag Module and Slip Ring Price?

    Seriously that much?! I'll put them in the classifieds for a bit then before Ebaying them. Thanks Boydie. Matty
  15. MattyV5

    A3 Airbag Module and Slip Ring Price?

    Hi, A while ago I bought the module and Slip Ring to allow me to fit an 8P2 wheel to my 8P1 but can't afford to now so need to sell. What are they worth? Slipring - 1K0 959 653 D Module - 1K0 953 549 F Thanks Matty
  16. MattyV5

    2nd Cambelt change

    Hi All, My A3 2.0 TDi 2004 had it's Cambelt change at 80,000 miles. When is it due again? Thanks Matty
  17. MattyV5

    A3 handling

    I have a sport. It's ok. but nothing has compared to my 53 plate focus!! not even when I had a MK4 Golf V5 on coilovers! I do miss the focus still.....
  18. MattyV5

    Steering wheel