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  1. rickparmar

    Am i making a mistake - S5 for Tesla Model 3

    Am i making a mistake, anyone done it or thinking of doing it? Im getting really good money for my S5 so thinking of selling and i have ordered a Tesla model 3. (Which can be cancelled) the S5 was only 6 months old from Ex Demo and I’ve had it for 4 years now and its pretty much fully loaded. I...
  2. rickparmar

    How to put number plate on honeycomb grill

    I’ve changed my grill on my S5 to the RS5 one finally. How are people putting their number plate on to the honeycomb grill. I have a shorten plate too but not sure what to do now.
  3. rickparmar

    RS5 grill group buy

    From the other RS Grill thread, I reached out to fresh mods on Instagram They have said if we can get around 5 people they can do the grill for £200 inc delivery Mods/Admins. Is this ok to post
  4. rickparmar

    Is buying alloys Reps a bad idea?

    i have the upgraded alloys on my S5 but I wish I had the originals. Seen these reps on eBay He has said the reps are JWL and VIA stamped with load rating Also is the picture the same as the s5 alloys?
  5. rickparmar

    I want the RS5 Grill on S5

    Looking to purchase the RS5 grill for the S5, can anyone recommend where to get one from? Also I am hearing people say I have to cut bits of my bumper, is this correct? What do I need to cut and when I want to put the original back on will this be a problem? Anyone got step by step instructions?
  6. rickparmar

    Alloy thoughts?

    so I have the chance to purchase some S5 original alloys My S5 has the upgraded alloys but I’ve never been a huge fan. Sometimes they grow on me and then I see others with the originals and I’m like I want them. Is anyone a fan of the alloys I have? Or do you prefer the standard ones. Just...
  7. rickparmar

    S5 rubber car mats

    Looking for genuine S5 rubber mats with S5 logo. Does anyone have any? Or even part numbers? Audi dealership keep pulling out A5 ones
  8. rickparmar

    Driving to France. Hi Vis?

    driving to Paris tomo in the S5 I’ve bought some breathalysers, bulb kit, GB stickers for the number plate But I thought the car would have Hi Vis vests in the boot. Does anyone know if the car has these? Also anyone got any tips or any info driving in France?
  9. rickparmar

    Roof rack

    Hi, Does anyone know if a Audi Q5 roof rack will fit an S5 sportsback?
  10. rickparmar

    S5 mats

    im looking for some mats for the car with the S5 logo. Come across these on eBay Does anyone have these and if so what are your thoughts? Any pics? Also says coupe but I think they should fit sportsback too
  11. rickparmar

    S5 Massaging Seats and Boot opening using a kick

    Does anyone know how I can keep the massaging seats on longer than 15 mins? I do have obdeleven also does anyone's S5 have this option, handsfree boot opening using your foot? I don't seem to have it on mine, Advanced key with electric hands-free boot opening system Access and authorisation...
  12. rickparmar

    Virtual Cockpit car image and the star button on steering wheel

    Does anyone know how to change the silver A5 in my virtual cockpit to a blue S5? Also does anyone know how to change the star button so it goes to car play, I can't see an option for it
  13. rickparmar

    Help Fault

    Guys can anyone help. I’m out and about and this warning message has appeared 3 times. Then engine management came on and the car wouldn’t move. Luckily I got it started and now I’ve parked up Drive system fault Please contact workshop I can’t upload picture from my mobile
  14. rickparmar

    12v socket (cig lighter) not working

    hi all, First time I’m trying to plug in my dashcam in the 12v cig lighter and its not working. Ive tried other chargers etc so looks like the fuse is blown, no idea why I cant access manual in my car as it says its not available and looking online I cant locate the correct fuse or what it...
  15. rickparmar

    MMI questions

    A few questions please Car play doesn’t always activate when I connect my iPhone up. Is there a quick way to put it on Can I stream video from my phone using car play when the car is stationed Can I play video using sd cards? How do I connect my iPhone to my car as I can’t figure it out with...
  16. rickparmar

    Replica Alloys on S5

    As I want the original alloys instead of the upgraded ones which I have. Is it worth going down the replica route? Someone has quoted £525 without tyres
  17. rickparmar

    Child lock?

    Hi all For some reason my rear right door has now got child lock somehow.. I tried the door thing where you turn the screw type but it's still not opening from inside Any ideas?
  18. rickparmar

    Car Jack, Locking nuts

    I can't seem to find my jack or locking nut. where is this kept? Its not around the spare tyre, anyone got pics?
  19. rickparmar

    Mods on A5/S5

    Probably early days but what have you done to your car? I really want to black out my chrome on the S5, intrigued if anyone else has done anything including coding, retrofitting etc
  20. rickparmar

    Picked up S5 on Saturday

    Picked it up on sat. What you think? Loving the MMi system which I was worried about.. love the drive and the power I do miss the torque from my 430d though. Also the rear reversing camera.. is anyone else noticing the quality to be poor?