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  1. Bigandbald

    Badger5 remap made my day.

    Firstly before anyone points it out, I did own an S3 till before Xmas now I have a Seat Leon cupra r BAM. So I bought my '04 LCR a few months ago, I have been very happy with it. It has been remapped but I didn't know by who, how or where which worried me. It was quick but not very dynamic. It...
  2. Bigandbald

    Car going up for I mad

    I love the S3, what a great all rounder BUT I need more doors. so I'm going to advertise the S3 tomorrow and look for a suitable Seat LCR, am I mad or is this a good choice, any advice chaps?
  3. Bigandbald

    Retro fitting s3 armrest

    So I ordered an A3 2002 leather arm rest with fixings from fleabay, it arrived...all good. when I went to trial fit it, the centre console must be different as it doesn't mate up. Can anyone post up a Pic of the S3 arm rest and how it fits in with the centre console trim please as I'm stuck?.
  4. Bigandbald

    VCDS query

    i have the cheapie blue ebay vagcom interface cable, my question is what do i need to do/ how much is it to get the right software so that i can clear faults and do logging etc?? i have vcds lite but as far as i can see it is useless in every way
  5. Bigandbald

    Aaaaaarrrrrggghhhh gearbox probs?? Help!!

    Hi, just driving about, not hard at all. Come to the lights, first gear all good, second gear........erm.....second gear!!!!! ok so no second gear!! I can put in second and with my foot off the clutch and start it and nothing happens????? Any idea wtf is going on chaps???
  6. Bigandbald

    Relentless downpipe and cat fitting question??

    i am going to attempt to fit the above kit to my S3 on thursday and just wanted to get an opinion of what my shopping list should contain before then. the downpipe and sportscat are second hand from fleabay. presumably i would need a new gasket that goes between the turbo and the downpipe, bots...
  7. Bigandbald

    3" downpipe questions

    I have just sourced a relentless 3" downpipe and 200 cell sportscat, I just need to get the relevant gaskets and then on to fit them. i have access to a ramp which is handy. my question this really a pig of a job? it looks like a royal pain in the ***?? any advice. my car is standard...
  8. Bigandbald

    Aaaaarrrgggghhhh I can't make a decision!!!!!! Help

    Just trying to decide on which rims to get, I have a silver S3 with no external mods, I have the coilovers on order and the 10&20mm spacers at the ready but just cannot decide on which wheels to order!!!! my choices are; all in 18" and all staggered 3SDM 005 3SDM 001 BBS LM reps the ml reps...
  9. Bigandbald

    Suspension kits......are the A3 quattro the same as S3??

    After my S3 failed on leaking shocks and cracked springs its time to upgrade. trouble is i cant find reasonable priced lowered suspension for £250ish? Venom do the FK street kit which is aparently out of stock. there are various listings for the A3 quattro, just wondered if anyone knew the...
  10. Bigandbald

    MOT failure on emmissions??? Help

    Ok so my standard 111,000 mile S3 just failed the MOT on Emmissions. the MOT tester said it was the Lambda sensor but before i go and buy one i just want to make sure it is that and not something else?? Anyone got any ideas??
  11. Bigandbald

    S3 down on power

    Help, I can't diagnose this but suspect vacuum/boost leak or MAF failure. since fitting my S2000 filter the car bogs down under 2k revs, and has a noticeable lack of power in the higher gears. Just seems to take ages to get from 80-100mph (private road of course) any ideas? I guess I need vag...
  12. Bigandbald

    Vagcom in Basingstoke

    Hi, don't suppose anyone has the use if vcds in Basingstoke???? Pleeeeeeease??
  13. Bigandbald

    Audi tt Quattro springs on S3???

    As per the title really, will the 225 Quattro springs fit on my S3???
  14. Bigandbald

    Sandbalsting calipers

    Am i mad or stoopid or is this a good idea??? so my clean S3 has been let down by previous owners. the calipers are black with tacky S3 decals but with previous red paint coming through. Due to me being a tightass, and always looking for a cheap option, im considering leaving the calipers on...
  15. Bigandbald

    Audi S3 clutch??

    Morning all, once I leave my car for a few hours or more, usually overnight I come and drive it and the clutch pedal has sunk down half way. Now if I don't move it the biting point will be right at the bottom, so I pull it back up and it is back to normal! any ideas guys???
  16. Bigandbald

    Help me out please

    Ok so no mods at the mo due to cash shortage (wife and kids fault) I have two things which bug me.... the (supposed to be) clear plastic covering on the sideskirts have turned yellow?? does anyone know how to replace them or clean them up??? also second thing bugging me.... some muppett has...
  17. Bigandbald

    Temp 49 & 51 diagnostics

    Hi guys just found the climate control engine temp 49 trick. Very useful, does it do anything else as well???
  18. Bigandbald

    A big thankyou to the forums

    Hi Guys, I've not had a sporty car for years due to having boring diesel company cars. but just recently bought myself an `02 S3 in Silver. Despite its problems I really love driving it. Since i have had it, I have done a full service (VAG parts), coolant change, front bushes, cv boots, LED...