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  1. [Dave B]

    Immobiliser/ECU Issues - help!

    Hi all, Went to start the car this evening and it started but immediately cut out :( Checked for fault codes and found these: 18058 - Powertrain Data Bus: Missing Message from Instrument Cluster P1650 - 35-00 - - 17978 - Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer P1570 - 35-00 - -...
  2. [Dave B]

    After run pump - when should it be on?

    So, I'm curious about the after run pump on the S3. I can hear it come on when I turn the ignition, but it doesn't always come on after I've been out in the car. Does it only come on if the cars in a given temperature range or something, or do I have a problem?
  3. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    Hi All, After being on here for the best part of 10 years I thought it was about time I had one of these threads. It's unlikely to contain any hardcore modding like some of the pro's on here as it's still a daily driver, but hopefully it'll interest some folk :sm4: So onto the car. It's a 2003...
  4. [Dave B]

    eBay - Cheeky B*****d

    Just browsing through ebay and noticed this fella advertising a boot lid: Audi A3 8L Bootlid Boot Lid in Ming Blue LZ5L | eBay Had a closer look at the pic he's using to advertise it and it's my ****** car! He must have seen the image on the net and thought 'oh that's shiny, that'll be...
  5. [Dave B]

    Prices please - suspension parts

    Hi, I'm about to invest in a major suspension overhaul and wondered if you could quote me on the non-OE parts listed in this thread: (tie bars, shocks, springs, powerflex bushes etc)? Cheers, Dave.
  6. [Dave B]

    New Year - new suspension!

    It's about time I sorted the suspension on the boat. The intention is to do it all in one go following it's MOT at the end of this month (assuming no major problems arise!). Here's the parts I intend to change, together with the replacements: Front & Rear Springs/Shocks --> Eibach/Bilstein...
  7. [Dave B]

    Front door speaker recommendations please

    Hi All, The drivers door speaker in my S3 has started crackling and farting therefore I'm looking at replacements. It's a Bose system and up to now it's all standard kit. I'm not looking to 'blow the ****** doors off' but I am happy to spend reasonable money on a replacement set that will at...
  8. [Dave B]

    n249 bypass done and 2.0T coils fitted

    As the S3 has been getting it's annual service this week I decided to perform some modifications whilst I was under the bonnet: - n249 bypassed - 2.0T coilpacks fitted - Coilpack adaptors fitted - New plugs gapped to 0.85 Due to finishing late last night I haven't been out in it yet, but it...
  9. [Dave B]

    Time to get exhausted!

    So, before moving house I purchased the following: Backbox: Non-res centre pipe: Pipewerx cat: ..and pipewerx downpipe: Now that I have some space to work I'm planning on fitting it myself. Prior to starting the job I wondered if anyone had any recommendations on tools that would...
  10. [Dave B]

    The S3's new home (Attn. Westy)

    As requested, the S3 tucked up in it's new home (with it's stablemate outside) :yahoo::
  11. [Dave B]

    Clicking steering, anyone have experience with S3 CV joints?

    Hi, So the next part of my car to fail seems to be a N/S CV joint. I haven't got under it yet to check but there is a clicking noise coming from the inside of the N/S front wheel arch when the car is in motion and the steering is past about half way towards lock in either direction. The noise...
  12. [Dave B]

    3 door A3 and S3 doors - the same?

    As above really, are A3 and S3 doors of the same year the same, just with different door blades?
  13. [Dave B]

    What could cause permanent 4WD?

    I'm currently trying to diagnose some wierd noises coming from the rear of the car and my investigations lead me to believe something is locking the car in 4WD (as the rear wheels are dragging when on tight lock). Anyone any ideas what could cause this? My thoughts are: - Siezed haldex clutch...
  14. [Dave B]

    Hladex Oil and Filter change prep...

    Hi All, In order to hopefully cure a problem with the rear wheels dragging/locking on full lock I'm planning on giving the haldex oil and filter a change this weekend. After reading some guides online I'm expecting to only need the following: - 1 tube of haldex fluid - 1 pressure pump gun - 1...
  15. [Dave B]

    2nd Hand Exhaust - Good Value or not?

    I've been offered the following for £700, is it a good deal? - Milltek Catbck Non-res exhaust - Pipewerx Downpipe - Pipewerx High flow Cat All in excellent condition having covered only 3k miles. I haven't seen the items in the flesh yet but it seems like a good deal (assuming they're as tidy...
  16. [Dave B]

    Surge? Creep? Advice needed - now with logs!

    Hi All, In the past few months a strange problem keeps popping up with the S3. If I pull away in 1st with progressive use of the throttle (i.e. not flooring it) sometimes the car will accerlerate more quickly than pedal depression would suggest until 4k rpm, then suddenly lose all power for...
  17. [Dave B]

    Eibach/Bilstein B12 Pro Kit for S3 - Any views/experience?

    Well I'll shortly be investing in a complete overhaul of shocks/springs/ARB's/bushes etc. Whilst building my shopping list I came across these on the Awesome website: Awesome - Eibach/Bilstein B12 Pro Kit - A3 (8L1) 09/96 -> 05/03 S3 quattro Anyone have any experience of these? I know the...
  18. [Dave B]

    Suspected Fuel pump/relay issues.

    Hi All, I walked out to the car tonight and turned the key, the car started for a second then cut out. It then wouldn't start at all. I suspect it might be the fuel pump or relay as I can normally hear the pump prime when I get in the car but I don't *think* it did tonight (I was on autopilot...
  19. [Dave B]

    Tappety cam chain? Ticking injectors? or just paranoia?

    Hi All, Got home from work yesterday and noticed the temp had dropped down below 90 (expect it to be another stat dead). Whilst looking in the engine bay to check nothing else was out of place I noticed what seemend like a loud clattering or ticking noice coming from what I thought was the...
  20. [Dave B]

    Disc and Pad change...just in time!

    This isn't a particularly rock'n'roll mod thread but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. I've known for a while that my front discs and pads needed changing but haven't gotten around to doing it due to other higher priority jobs on my pug, but recently the pad warning light came on so I...