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  1. swarcup

    air bag change time..

    I sold my car yesterday after 7 years of relatively trouble free ownership but I was reading my service book and it claims that all the airbags should be replaced after 14 years. My car is a 2001 and so in theory they should have been done this year, would anyone actually do this as in the next...
  2. swarcup

    Tow bar question

    I currently have a removeable tow bar on my avant along with 13 pin electrics that i used for my caravan and within the next month plan to sell the car, however i am going to remove the towbar and sell seperately. Do i need to buy a replacement crash bar to sit behind the bumper once i remove...
  3. swarcup

    Rear diff mounts

    I have developed what sounds like a thumping noise like someones fist under the car, it sounds like the rear diff area and happens mainly when changing gear so was wondering are the mounts prone to failing (160 k on these as far as i know) are they easy to change and what do you need, i havnt...
  4. swarcup

    Anyone Seen These Light Fronts

    eBay - Item # 171378604703 are these any good as i cant say ive seen these before?
  5. swarcup

    2.5 tdi tuning box. Dte systems

    Has anyone any experience with dte systems tuning box. I have the chance of a second hand one for a good price, but not sure how or where it fits. Which connector does it tap into?
  6. swarcup

    Who makes audi shocks??

    As per the title really, i am looking to replace the rear shockers with new and have seen Monroe stamped on some Audi shockers. The price for a pair from Audi is a little under £200 but you can get Monroe for half the price. Is there a difference or is it Audi again ripping people off
  7. swarcup

    N75 TEST ?

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to test the N75 valve, i have a hesitation on the Boost just as the pressure is starting to build just for a split second it looses it and then seems to come back but phasing in and out. Its as if it cant hold a certain boost pressure. I have changed all of the...
  8. swarcup

    Which product ?

    Hi Im a little lost as to what to use, a couple of weeks ago a large scuff appeared across the drivers side front and rear doors which i have spent around 2 hours with t-cut to try to remove. Although 90% has gone i think wet sanding is the only way to go now to get it back to the condition i...
  9. swarcup

    Rear sport shock part number

    Does anyone know what the part numbers for the rear shocks would be on my car they are to rusty to read. It's a 2001 2.5tdi Quattro sport. They are red in colour.
  10. swarcup

    hid install fuse change?

    Quick question Am about to install my first hid kit and it says to change the headlight fuse to min 20a, ive never read about this in any threads that i can remember. Is it correct? Many thanks
  11. swarcup

    Strange things that happen

    Had a headlight bulb blow yesterday and it knocked out the fan! had to do 2 hours of driving at -1 with no heating or windscreen demist. Strange. After turning off and on everything was and has been fine?????
  12. swarcup

    vacuum pipe

    Can anyone off the top of their head tell me the vac tube spec i.e inside diameter I think im going to replace them as I have a perished piece
  13. swarcup

    ultimate pinch bolt tool

    Changing Spring and Shock Absorber Audi A4 (KL-0255, KL-0015 SP, KL-0250-40) - YouTube
  14. swarcup

    rear coil springs

    Was putting some new rear discs and pads on this weekend and noticed the passenger side rear spring has the bottom section broken off. was looking on internet at prices etc and brands for inspiration. now im not looking to lower it just replace the pair as the other didn't look healthy aswell...
  15. swarcup

    Corroded door loom plug replacement.....

    I was doing a little repair to the wiring loom that goes through the rubber gaiter between the front door and car body trying to trace why the lock has stopped operating, I found a few breaks in the loom so whipped it out and repaired. Anyway I removed the connector that is fixed into the car...
  16. swarcup

    vcds maf logs

    can anyone give me a few pointers to logging the maf, ive got a hex+usb+can cable borrowed from my brother in law, ive done a few bits like coding in cruise,dis auto locks so I thought i would log the maf to see what it was doing. i have gone into engine and advanced measuring and ticked the...
  17. swarcup

    wheel referb/colour

    I have a silver avant (ly7w silver sea metallic) with 19inch rs6 reps on and i have the offer of free painting if i provide the paint and masking materials. My first question is because there are a few bits of kerb damage and scratches etc what filler or product does anyone recommend to apply...
  18. swarcup


    I have a slight drop on my front passenger door and looking at it i need to slacken the bottom hinge bolt and move it a tad and retighten but im stumped on how to undo the bolt. I dont think a spanner will do it as it sits in a really awkward position, i then thought of opening the door and you...
  19. swarcup

    clutch time

    2.5tdi quattro AKE The clutch this weekend has given up, its been juddering for a little while now and i have been nursing it, but connecting the caravan up has pushed it over the edge, its now juddering quite badly upon set-off and changing gear 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Im looking around...
  20. swarcup

    Avant seat release broken

    I went to drop the seats earlier today, and as all avant drivers will know you first do the smaller side as the parcel shelf being attached to the larger size prevents the larger going first. It was a little stiff to release when you pull the lever on the top of the seat so i pulled a little...