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    right fuel pump?

    I have an 044 bosch but dont want to run it in-line and IE surge tank is too expensive for me atm is this walbro drop in one fine for the a3 Walbro 255 GSS342
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    Chemical Engineering Graduate opportunities

    I have recently graduate from university with a bachelor of Chemical Engineering in Australia. Like most people in my course I haven't got a job with a lot of companies canceling graduate and vacation programs. I've tried to work for free but it goes against most companies insurance policies...
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    Need some gasket help

    Installing the frankenturbo f23 on the weekend I struggled to find the appropriate gasket between turbo and exhaust Manifold Mk4 gti k03 gasket S3 bam engine Any ideas or part numbers will be greatly appreciated
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    How crucial is it to change intake and exhaust valves

    Half way through my F23 build which I aiming for 200kw atw and was curious to whether the intake valves and exhaust valves need to be changed any help will be greatly appreciated cheers Neru
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    Neru's A3 Frankenturbo F23 Build

    Well I usually lurk over here and hassle Prawn about his build Anyway I thought I would start my build thread Bought my a3 in 2009 for $12,000 (cheapest at the time), since then *Revo stage 1 - dyno'd 117kw atw *Initially FK streetlines but there were crap so i upgraded to weitecs hicon gt...
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    Fbsw in 8l a3

    Hey there's a cheap fbsw over in Australia and I was wondering if it's possible to hook it up to a 98 a3
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    anyone know 0-60 time for an F23 turbo

    Piecing all the pieces for my F23 upgrade, just curious to know if anyone knows a 0-60 time for the f23 turbo on a fwd? Cheers Neru
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    do i need a fuel rail for 550cc injectors on an agu engine

    Im doing a turbo upgrade and not sure if I need a new fuel rail for the 550cc injectors or will the stock one will be sufficient Cheers
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    Typical parts associated with upgrade to stronger rods and pistons

    Hey currently upgrading my rods and pistons current parts list is - Mahle Motorsport pistons- 81mm bore - DMF Forged H-beam 144/20mm connecting rods - ARP main studs - ARP head bolts - ARP Crank bolt - Calico Coated Bearings - Gasket and seal kit Any other parts is...
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    A3 stroker kit

    The opportunity has come for. Me to save on a bit of labour of I was to put a stroker kit while the engine is out What is your opinion on the stroker kit, what differences would I see?
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    A3 from Australia

    Hey there just thought I would come and get some ideas for my car from you guys Currently have 19" bbs ch, quad exhaust, revo stage 1 and weitec hicon gt Car is currently in the garage awaiting ecs stage 2 clutch, quaife LSD, Frankenturbo, fmic and DNA tuning Looking to buy cheap some 4 pot...