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    Diagnosing air con not blowing cold

    I took my 2013 A3 to Tesco the other day, and noticed that the air con wasn't blowing cold at all. It was probably the first day of the year that I was in the car and it was warm enough to notice, so it might have been a gradual thing. The red light in the switch is coming on, and I hear...
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    1.4 TFSI CoD spark plug torque setting

    Hi all, I need to change my spark plugs soon, but don't know the correct torque setting. Does anybody have it? It's a 2013 1.4 TFSI cylinder on demand (the 140 version) if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!
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    DIY oil change question

    I've got a 2013 1.4 COD (140) and am planning to change the oil myself. Does anybody know if you're meant to replace the sump plug each time, as with older VW group stuff which had a large metal bolt with a captive metal washer? Also does anybody know the correct torque spec for the drain plug...
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    Windscreen washers

    I seem to have to pull the washer stalk for a reasonable while before it squirts water, but I'm not sure if this is as designed or if there's a fault and it's draining back to the reservoir and having to re-prime itself. What are other people's washers like? I would have thought it was a fault...
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    Hill Hold

    3 days in and loving my new A3 so far! Just a question about the Hill Hold (the standard one which holds the brakes on briefly, not the option which applies the handbrake automatically - I can't remember which is called what). Anyway, does anyone know the logic it uses? The handbook says that...
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    Printed brochure

    Does anyone know if there's a printed version of the 2014 model year brochure yet? The printed one I've got is pretty out of date now!
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    Standard audio vs Audi sound system

    Just wondering how good the standard sound system is in the new A3, and whether it's worth getting the Audi sound system upgrade? Obviously having a separate sub will give better bass, but has anyone had a chance to do a back to back comparison to see how much of an improvement there is in the...