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    Fault code U0101

    Well latest is that they cleared the codes and it seems to be communicating with ecu now but they have said they now saying that they recon it's been chipped but seeing as I got it as a ex demo from audi that's not possible as I haven't touched it . What's even funnier is that the last time the...
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    Fault code U0101

    Yeh that's what I found . Dunno why it's happened though but spoke to AMD and they have come across it before, apparently there are 2 modules one in the box and one external. Should be interesting what Audi say as I just said engine light and nothing else so should be amusing what they come up with.
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    Fault code U0101

    anyone come across this before ?
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    Fault code U0101 tcm

    hi everyone I have a 015 rs3 and just had my engine light come on . Upon scanning it came up with u0101 which seems to be lost communication with transmissions control module. Car still drives ok in aut but haven't booted it (now back with Audi) Have any of you guys come across this before ? Thanks
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    Watch out for the Cowboys.

    I guess that's kim collins in haywards heath.
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    Info on audirsparts remapping and enginesnr Manchester?

    If you are all talking about the same guy is his name Chris? Been trying to get hold of him for the last 3 months but no joy. Even his mobile is inactive so all I can guess is that they've either gone under or moved. Landline number the same but no one picks up.
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    OEM front brake pads or Brembo sport front pads

    I assumed these pads will fit a 15 plate Rs as my warning light had just come on after only covering 8k mile. Is that about right for the OEM pads ?
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    Here's mine . Picked this one up last weekend a ex demo with loads of extras like carbon kit,sports exhaust and delimited to. Name a couple. Trueley awsome car am so far very impressed with it.
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    picked this up today
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    Installing AFR gauge on AUM (wideband/ME7.5)

    best place in my opinion for the EGT is in the manifold . had one in my last car and it worked really well as always a good idea to keep an eye on the egt's
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    Induction Kit Reccomendations?

    i will prbably go with the standard airbox with pipercross panel filter but make the air intake hole larger or make another one.
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    Induction Kit Reccomendations?

    Personally i have just replaced the standard one for a pipercross panel filter cost 35 quid..
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    what oils for A3 (8L)?

    doing a oil change next weekend and i will be using fuschs titan fully synthetic 5w/40 dam good oil in my opinion and wont break the bank either.
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    shopping for S3

    right latest update changed the thermostat today and all is good with the heater now and the gauge is working on the dash. all i can say is that its an absolute pig of a job so wont be doing that again to soon. next is sort the alarm horn out or should i say send the dealer the bill for it and...
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    shopping for S3

    Ooooops huston we have a problem!!!
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    shopping for S3

    Right picked the car up and so far these are the faults ive found so far bearing in mind the car was bought from a dealer. Alarm siren dont work Water temp gauge not reading (sensor) Will update if i find anything else.
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    is this normal

    Ive been told its had a clutch but no paperwork to prove it. Might try bleeding it first but if its still the same then i guess its had a recent clutch.
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    is this normal

    hi everyone i have just picked up my 2001 s3 with 120k on the clock which overall i am very pleased with. the only this i have noticed is that the clutch seems to bite almost on the floor is this normal for these cars. thanks
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    shopping for S3

    Its def a facelift model
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    shopping for S3

    Whats the difference then?