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  1. s3dave

    Google Add Words

    Any IT guys who knows a bit about this? im using it but getting low LCRs and wonder if anyone of you could have a look at how mine is set up remotely and offer suggestions? Obv beer tokens are waiting....:beerchug: or if needing work willing to pay a fee..
  2. s3dave

    Weld in Alloy WMI Boss

    As above, anybody know where i can source one?
  3. s3dave

    Audi S3 Race car

    Anybody seen this? quite an in depth build to go with it, Awesome read.... GMP Gallery | Audi S3 GMP Performance's Audi S3 Race Car - Forums
  4. s3dave

    Think our Turbos are hard to get to?

    Check this at my mates garage they had to lift the shell off to get to it! A Range Rover Sport....Apologize for the poor quality...some trainee got
  5. s3dave


    Well done to lizzie yarnold for a brilliant Gold....:arco: 85 MPH on your belly takes some guts....
  6. s3dave

    **Group Buy** Quattro tie arms

    Normal price £185 inc poly bushes & delivery 5+ £165 10+ £150 Deadline .... 1st of feb Strictly ASN only.. Names below please, will need a small deposit £10, paid before 10th of jan. Paypal: stating colour on the notes
  7. s3dave

    Ipad users beware....

    I bought my mrs an ipad 2 years ago, it was the top one 64g + sim paid just short of £600 last week it went dodgy just showing the apple symbol, looked on the web, tried all sorts still no good.. so i thought bite the bullet and take it into Apple, 10 mins later the apple tech came out and said...
  8. s3dave

    Dont pinch things scumbags...

    Video shows thief holding motorcyclist at gunpoint before cop shoots him | Mail Online
  9. s3dave

    Brembo Caliper seals

    Just an heads up for any peeps wanting to replace the seals they are over £80 from brembo but these are the same part number and are less than half the price...;) also genuine brembo.... :think: I can confirm they fit too as mine have just been put in.... Ford Focus RS MK1 Dust Shield Set for...
  10. s3dave

    Shiny shiny...Let The Build Begin (again)...

    JE 83MM Pistons 9:25 I.E RD Rods Calico coated bearings :icon_thumright:
  11. s3dave

    25% off at ECP

    Car Parts | Car Parts for every make & model | Car Parts Online
  12. s3dave

    WMI is killing my Throttle body

    As above my throttle body is slowly dying, everytime i drive my car i have to reset the TB...before it will move, any remedies? i bought it brand new from Audi 4 years ago too...:blush: Mechanical malfunction code keeps coming up (17976)
  13. s3dave

    PAS part number

    Does any body know what part number the power steering pump is on an s3 also compatables ? mine has decided to retire..
  14. s3dave

    Eliminator Hybrid fitted, Mapping Q,s

    Fitted my Hybrid eliminator from Dan, the car has a custom map on from my Hybrid, will the mapping be way off? it is booked in for mapping again, just wondered as the delivery and boost seem very linear..boosting to about 18 psi,, is a total new custom map requiered?
  15. s3dave

    17745 code

    Got this code after finally getting my Hybrid Eliminator on (cam position sensor short to ground) is this a definite wiring issue or is a new sensor needed? had a look at the wiring and it looks ok with no cuts etc, just puzzled why this should come up, ? Tried clearing it numerous times and...
  16. s3dave

    Engine mounts replaced (with pics)

    Following on from recent threads regarding Engine mounts, i was pretty shocked to see the state of mine when taken off the car, My engine looked to be leaning quite significantly to the gearbox end, made aware with the head off.. so i got these,, (Just could not justify the vibro technics...
  17. s3dave

    What turbo support for BTs etc

    As title what do you guys use with the BTs etc?...or do you not bother? the ko4 as a mounting ring for the bracket on the hotside
  18. s3dave

    WHO has the most mysterious car on here!!...

    Long serving members but no showy of the car.....lets get them out...:arco: mine is Dani COME ON DOWN.......:laugh:.... Who else is there who is shy about showing? (sorry just bored, made my Mrs breakfast in bed for mothers day,(ON BEHALF OF MY GIRLS) as my oldest daughter is away on...
  19. s3dave

    Can i join the Elite club

    The engine in bits club.... Following my EX mani cracking i have stripped it ready for my new turbo That Dan the man has done for me, Its a gt28 in an eliminator housing, coupled with a nice new V3 relentless mani Block and head still look like new, My Hybrid is getting overhauled by Dan...
  20. s3dave

    Best head gasket kit + head bolts

    My EX Manifold has just ripped apart underneath somewhere so its game over...:( What are the best head kits to buy + bolts any linkys...:icon_thumright: my car as done 10k since a full rebuild would you change the timing belt ? anything else you think might need changing? Cheers...