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    Auto light and rain sensor retrofit

    Hi all, I’m looking to do the auto light and rain retrofit to my 2011 S3, I understand that I have to change my windscreen. I’m just looking for advice what is the best way to go about this? Am I best looking for one myself or going through with insurance but wouldn’t they just replace it like...
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    Audi S3 2011 RNS-E reverse camera retrofit

    Hi, I want to keep my S3 as oem as possible I know it would be easier for a aftermarket unit etc... but I’m just wondering what this job consists of? Anyone here that has successfully fit this to the RNSE with the guidelines? Thanks
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    Audi s3 3 door factory tinted near side rear window

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me, had my car window smashed by some scum didn’t even end up taking anything out the car, could someone point me in the right direction for a Audi s3 3dr factory tinted rear quarter window? The car is a 2011 having trouble sourcing one, thanks!
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    Audi s3 8p boost bar?

    Hi, I’ve seen a few Audi s3’s (8p) with the boost bars in them like the rs3 has, I’m just wondering if this is just a matter of coding or is it more involved? Thanks
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    Audi rs3 8p

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase an Audi rs3 8p, I currently have a S3 8p manual, could anyone who was lucky enough to own both let me know if their is much between the S3 and rs3? Just don’t wanna be disappointed with the £10k in price difference for a similar car? I know the sound alone of the 5pot...
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    Audi S3 8P interior colour?

    Hi, I have a S3 8P with the two tone white/black leather seats, can anyone tell me what colour this is as they are a bit worn, been searching high and low and can’t find anything, the code is “ZA” if that helps? Thanks
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    RNS-E Bluetooth no sound

    I am having trouble hearing sound through Bluetooth, I am using a tune2air connected to the mmi, I have paired it through my phone and it’s all connected but for some reason when I play music it plays but there is no sound what so ever? Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this please? The...
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    Anyone around Hull area with VCDS? In need of S3 coding

    Need my rns-e coding properly to my S3 to enable telephone functionality, thanks.