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  1. josedebardi

    Stolen RS3 in police chase ending with cop car on roof!!

    This sounds a bit scary. Thankfully no one hurt. Presume the stolen RS3 is no ones on here?
  2. josedebardi

    Santa's On His Way

  3. josedebardi

    First and ongoing thoughts on 'Baggy'

    So I've had a couple of days with my RS3 now, and managed to take a few pics, so thought I'd share initial thoughts along with them. So the good... The NOISE! OMG the noise! It's stupendous, and far better than I remember on the few test drives. With it in Dynamic mode anyone within 100 yards...
  4. josedebardi

    Audi Sport Showcase at Haynes Motor Museum

    So Poole/Yeovil held their annual showcase event at Haynes which was pretty cool as you could look round the museum too (although I was there only a couple of weeks ago anyway, but nice all the same). I just took the RS3 out as I've tried all the rest of the range bar the TT-S which they didn't...
  5. josedebardi

    Best present ever!

    So I helped a friend out doing an aerial survey of his roof the other day and he just turned up at the door with my thank you present!
  6. josedebardi

    Limited Edition TT 'Stealth Line'

    My local dealership Poole Audi have come up with something pretty special here!! It's got a matte metallic wrap and the various lips/grill/mirror surrounds wrapped in carbon. I've seen the car in the flesh and it's a seriously impressive job, you genuinely wouldn't...
  7. josedebardi

    Fixed Do not have permission to view sub forums!?

    All the sub forum sections such as Audi Forums A1 Series are giving me "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." which is pretty annoying to say the least! It was working 3-4 hours ago...
  8. josedebardi

    Anyone's Birthday coming up?

    Found these in Oxford... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tapatalk xml error

    Anyone else start getting this today when loading threads and sending replies? If you refresh/resubmit it usually works within a couple of tries. Annoyingly if you are using the quick reply box you lose what you were typing and have to start again!
  10. josedebardi

    New 2015 RS3!!!

    Surprised no-one has posted about this yet...
  11. josedebardi

    Audi Sport Showcase, Chewton Glen - 4th Nov 2014

    So I'm sat at an airport (LHR T2) waiting for a flight that has been delayed 2 hours, figured I would share my thoughts with you from my escapades earlier in the week! I have managed to get myself a nice side venture as 'Social Media Photographer' for my local dealer(s) - 2 dealer franchise. So...
  12. josedebardi

    José's S1 Bumblebeast

    OK - first thing! People stare! I knew this car would be a head turner, but I wasn't prepared for it being EVERY car/pedestrian. An on top of that 1/5 give you some kind of acknowledgement as you pass! So, I'll give a first day review and then some of the pics. Arrive at the dealership 8.30am...
  13. josedebardi

    New SQ5 Owner

    Hi All, Recently signed up... Here are some links to pics I have been taking of my SQ5... Still got a couple more locations to go! And links to some slideshows at 2 other locations... Quarry Day Slideshow by josedebardi | Photobucket SQ On The Beach Slideshow by josedebardi |...