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  1. joedredd

    Ceramic coating- which one???

    Hi all, Got the car booked in for a detail & ceramic coating. I have a choice of either Feynlab or Max Protect. Which is best/ better?? I cannot find many reviews on MP and I find that frustrating. So please help me
  2. joedredd

    Detailer wanted SE London/ N Kent

    Hi all, Looking for a ceramic detail on my S4, any recommendations on who to use?? Thanks
  3. joedredd

    Rear brake upgrade options

    so plenty of front BBK but need help in finding some rears. Only option I’ve found so far is the RS4 B9 with the electronic hand brake. Are there any other options?? That keep the electric hand brake.
  4. joedredd

    Looking for a Detailer in Bexleyheath

    Any recommendations? Just bought a car that has fantastic paintwork due to previous owner having it cleaned properly regularly. I want to keep it looking this good. Thanks.
  5. joedredd

    Help in making the next decision

    Hi all, Right I have the car below (in sig). Now I love this car and it is fully loaded, but I'm being bitten by the tuning bug. So do I take the dive into it with my C6 (116k miles, serviced every year) or do I wait a couple of years and get a C7/8?? Thinking of doing the following; Hybrid...
  6. joedredd

    First Proper Clean !!

    Hi all Well after waiting for the right weather to do it after 3 1/2 hours I have completed the outside only. Now I am nowhere near the same league as some of you but I do like a nice clean car. What I want to know is how often I should clean the car to keep it in a reasonable state, also how...
  7. joedredd

    Trip Computer Missing

    Hi all After doing the "5570" update, I put back the battery meter but just notice that the trip computer settings have disappeared! Anyone know how I can put it back? Thanks
  8. joedredd

    Lack Of Audi Mags !!!

    Is it me or not??? Every time I go into "smiths" I see rack upon rack of other "performance" mags for all brands but absolutely nothing for Audi owners except Audi Driver (which is a bit ordinary). Why hasn't there been an Audi performance mag, there is more than enough Audi owners who have...
  9. joedredd

    Investing in ??

    Hi all If you had a few ££s (hundreds) to invest in, what would you do with it to gain value on a long term? Vintage comics, gold coins/ banknotes, stamps etc Banks offer poor interest with savings/ ISAs so looking at viable alternatives Thanks
  10. joedredd

    Help -New car and new cleaning regime needed

    HI all I have already sent an email to "juicy" for some advice and whilst waiting for a reply I thought I would ask all you excellent detailers in the making. I have a 2006 Silver A6 Avant, with 18" BBS split rims (15 spoke). I have already given its first wash with my old cleaning products...
  11. joedredd

    EGR valve needed

    Hi Can I have a price for the above part, car is in sig (2006 one). Thanks
  12. joedredd

    1998 A6 C5- speaker upgrade

    Hi all Now I will be the first to admit I have no idea what to do, but heres my dilema. My eldest son has blown one of the rear speakers (tweeter?) its the little one at the top. Now seeing as this needs replacing I thought why not do the whole lot. So I am asking all you gurus what do you...
  13. joedredd

    Time for a newer car

    Hi all I love my current car, but I feel I would like a quattro. So my question is which engine do I go for? 2001-2004 1.9TDi or 2.5TDi 2004- onwards 2.0TDi, 2.7TDi or 3.0TDi I will apreciate responses from owners of these cars and if any problems you have had. I am looking at a manual but...
  14. joedredd

    Eldest son buying first car- what one???

    Hi all My eldest son (19yr) is looking for his first car. He is considering going for a 3yr old golf or A3, but unsure of engine size and will more than likely go with a petrol engine as he more than likely be doing shortish journeys with the odd long one thrown in. Does anyone else have any...
  15. joedredd

    Replacement Camshafts ???

    Hi all Can anyone tell me of a good place to get replacement cams for V6 (as per sig). I know of Colt Cams from across the pond, but is there anywhere in the UK??? Thanks George
  16. joedredd

    Brake upgrade/ conversion 1998 A6

    Hi all Can anyone tell me what parts I need to carry out the 312mm conversion on my A6 ?? I have read on here about porsche, cupra brake systems being used, but unsure what bits are needed to carry this out?? I am a total novice to this but willing to give it a go :happy:
  17. joedredd

    Thinking of getting a quattro

    Hi all I was going to spend some money on current car (see sig) and do the usual ECU for more bhp, but I am now considering getting something slightly newer, less mileage but 4WD. Can anyone give me some pointers what to look out for on an A6 quattro estate? It will be a 2001 2.5tdi 180bhp...
  18. joedredd

    Twin exhaust??

    Hi all I will be fitting a stainless steel cat back system in the new year and would like the twin exhaust look (98 Avant 2.5tdi). I have seen some rear bumpers with a scalloped section for the tails to peep out from is this a standard item or custom job? Thanks for your help.