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    Resetting service interval

    Just tried to reset the Service interval on a mates A1 1.4 Sline, using my vag com. Tried the SRI reset but it came up with a box saying it could not be done and to try Instruments, applications and to use the ESi option. But it did not work. I put in a a higher mileage to what it was set at but...
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    EGR Valve, differences

    Im looking at an EGR on ebay, it looks identical to mine, but the part numbers are different. Has anyone got any idea if it will fit. Mine is a CRC and the seller has said it came off a CRC.
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    Egr blanking

    I've had my egr and dpf deleted with a remap. Car runs brilliant but I've still got the coil light flashing. No limp mode thank God. The mechanic had used one blank to blank the egr off just below the cooler. Do I have to have it blanked off at both ends? This is the error I'm getting Sent...
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    Ecu price

    How much am i looking at for another ecu for my 2012 2.0 tdi mines locked big time, the remapper cant get into it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Me and the Grandson

    Been for a run out in our Audis :)
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    Cant remap [emoji20][emoji20]

    I've had the egr blanked off, but me mechanic is having a nightmare finding a map for it. Dont know what to do ☹️☹️☹️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Blanking plate size

    Has anyone got the size of the blanking plates I need to blank the egr off. and how far apart the bolt holes have to be. Im going to ask an engineering company to make them for me today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    EGR Valve, which one to order

    Had the rac out to my 2.0tdi and they did a scan as its in limp mode, they said the EGR Valve is stuck, I've looked on the internet and found an egr valve that is the same as mine but I'm unsure which one to order. Do I just order the valve or do I order the valve with the cooler attached...
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    Speed sensor location

    Anyone know where the speed sensor goes from on a b8 so I can check it. A pic would great if anyone has one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    errors part 2

    Sorry to create a new thread but some of the errors have gone, egr errors seemed to have disappeared, now I've got these. Any ideas. Battery is fine. But its doing my head in. My local Audi mechanic has injured his self so I'm stuck. 4124 - Sensor Reference Voltage B P0651 00 [168]...
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    Egr blanking

    ive got the egr light on and I know it could be costly, is it better to just have the thing blocked off
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    Update with scan codes

    Since i cleared my errors, most of them have seemed to be ok, the only errors i get now are these: 2 Faults Found: 4891 - EGR Valve (N18) P0403 00 [096] - Malfunction Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear 4892 - EGR Valve (N18) P0403 00 [096]...
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    Errors... Dreading this.

    Previous post: Got this light come on after i went on a rough road. The glow plug light also comes on. It says on the screen something about stability and the start stop system . If i turn the car off then on again it sometimes comes back on but sometimes it doesn't. But I've just driven 320...
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    stability and start stop system error

    Got this light come on after i went on a rough road. The glow plug light also comes on. It says on the screen something about stability and the start stop system . If i turn the car off then on again it sometimes comes back on. But I've just driven 320 miles and it hasn't come on. I got home...
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    Oil level on mmi

    Hi, Got a bit of a problem, i have the oil level on the mmi. It is Saying "There is currently no oil information at this time" I have left the car for a while then tried it again but its still the same. Anyone else had this ??
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    Had the emissions update done

    Well Audi collected my A4 2.0tdi today for the emissions update. First thoughts is the acceleration is down and it seems the engine is working harder. Not tried it on a run yet. Anybody else had theres done that can comment. Archie
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    Service interval

    Im a bit concerned about my service interval. Audi 2.0tdi manual 2012. It had a full service at 57000, its now on 69000, next service is due in 2600 miles. So it would of gone just over 14000 miles between service. Does this sound right..
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    Radiator Grill

    Anyone know if it would be easy to repair this chip in the trim around the grill, or if it is replaceable without buying a new grill altogether. Im hoping just the trim comes away from the grill
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    Changing Pads

    Mot is due in a few weeks and i want to change the pads all round. Ive done pads on other cars in the past but never one with an electronic handbrake. Are they easy to do? any help will be appreciated
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    Audi recall letter...

    Had a letter from Audi this morning, this is what it says