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  1. quattrojames

    Damp nearside rear footwell ideas.

    So I noticed that my nearside rear foot well carpet is pretty wet. I have previously removed the drain plugs from under the battery, and having recently regreased my front wiper mechanism I knew it was all dry in there. My next thought was that the rear washer pipe which runs along the...
  2. quattrojames

    2.0 or 3.0 TDI, Auto or Manual?

    I'm considering upgrading next year and am starting to look at my options. I want a late model LeMans Avant, with either the 2.0 (170) or 3.0 TDi engines. The 2.0 is probably all I'll ever need, but a return to six cylinders and quattro appeals (albeit their self destructive nature still...
  3. quattrojames

    Audi Driver International Sat 17 Oct. I always go, anyone else?
  4. quattrojames

    Audi's In The Park. Sun 9 August.!/audis-in-the-park Are any C5 owners going? I don't want to be the only one parked amongst the A3's....
  5. quattrojames

    16" wheels over 323mm brakes.

    Does anyone know if this will work? It looks practical from the trial fit I have just done. Contemplating fitting some 323mm discs and bigger calipers, but if my winter wheels won't fit then I'd probably just go for a 312mm upgrade.
  6. quattrojames

    Retractable load cover repair.

    Has anyone ever tried this?
  7. quattrojames

    Admin and Moderator team August 2018

    Admin FactionOne Administrators Sandra Audispy Moderators (active at this time) Andyt306 Aragorn. AR-rkon Audi Bairn AudiNutta Bristle Hound BrokenByzan Daytonamart Desertstorm Docurley JoJo Just Rob Mikesel< Point_Audi quattrojames Scottyg Sidibear Tashfeen Voorhees
  8. quattrojames

    RNSd TV Tuner retrofit and CD changer pic request.

    I hope to fit a TV tuner and 12v digibox into my RNSd. There's little help available online, but I am hoping that the single din sized TV tuner will fit into the OEM boot multichanger bracket. My CD changer is retrofitted into the glovebox. Can anyone with one a boot mounted multichanger show...
  9. quattrojames

    Ebay radio code.

    I need to get a code for my B6 fitment RNSd to sell it on (I swapped the back onto my A6 one). Audi aren't forthcoming unless I donate them £20+ to their tinted window and cappuccino fund, can anyone recommend an ebay supplier?
  10. quattrojames

    Please read if you've asked me for parts.

    Apologies for this, but I have spoken to literally hundreds on here and ebay, but there are a couple of items I've now found that I previously couldn't. If it was you, please PM me. Carpet from bottom of trinket tray by handbrake. Pair of headlight trays. Mike, I have both your heat shields...
  11. quattrojames

    Removing badge adhesive....

    .... but not normal adhesive. My badge was on the wrong side, so I know it's been glued on with something. It has come off ok, but what's left behind is like a sealant that has dried hard. Very hard. I can chip it off (to a point) but it's taking the paint off with it. Currently the only damaged...
  12. quattrojames

    Free (broken) wiper mechanism.

    I was going to strip the mechanism down, regrease and ebay it, but being a heavy handed fool I broke it :ermm: The bolt has sheared off the end, the rest of it is ok, if anyone wants it for parts for their own drop me a PM and it's yours for the cost of postage (hopefully a fiver via Hermes)..
  13. quattrojames

    S6 bonnet grille into an A6.

    Does an S6 grille fit into an A6? Reading online there seem to be fitment differences between the V8 models, but these were mainly American forums. Can anyone confirm from experience?
  14. quattrojames

    S6 vs Allroad door blades.

    What's the difference? I know the Allroad are shiny/aluminium etc, but are they both the same size? Or are S6 ones bigger?
  15. quattrojames

    Rather unexpected A6 purchase...

    Following the sudden and unexpected demise of my A4 >>> HERE I found myself needing a car. This came up, the price was great and I know the car, with it being maintained by the same guy who serviced mine. It's a 2002 1.9TDi SE. According to the DVLA it's an SE, but the data codes in the VW...
  16. quattrojames

    Dreaded 01318 fuel pump error.

    Car broke down today, after three hours the Recovery guy trundled out (who was very good to be fair to him - fault lied in the provider) and VCDS showed an 01318 code. 01318 - Ross-Tech Wiki No obvious breaks in the the wires, but it was dark. Will update more tomorrow hopefully when it's been...
  17. quattrojames

    Avant rear bumper removal.

    I'm hoping to swap my lower rear valance this week, to one with exhaust cut outs. I've got the Elsawin guide, but just wondered from anyone who had done it what sort of job it was, and how long I should expect it to take?
  18. quattrojames

    HID's and MoT test.

    My car has HID's in both main and dipped beam, and despite the stories to the contrary passed the MoT today. Has anyone ever had any problems getting through with HID's? (Assuming no headlight washers and self levelling rear suspension fitted).
  19. quattrojames

    Alarm siren sounding.

    When I shut the tailgate this morning, the alarm went off, Locking/unlocking it didn't stop it, and it get going even when I started the car! Luckily, after four cycles it stopped, and seemed fine afterwards. Locked the car at work and all was fine, but then the exact same thing happened when I...
  20. quattrojames

    RNS-d Install.

    I wanted to upgrade from my Symphony head unit, partly as I fancied a new toy, and also to modernise the cockpit a bit. I don't have £400+ to buy an RNS-e, and am not convinced that they're worth what they cost for my needs. So, I have fitted an RNS-d. I am aware of the pro's and con's of the e...