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  1. AndyT306

    Corrected my new car

    So got my A7 in December and the paint was in pretty good condition with a few swirls, but I wanted it looking perfect - have performed a 2 stage machine polish using Koch chemie combo of H9 and M2 obviously fully decontaminated first (car was covered in paint flicks from my neighbour painting...
  2. AndyT306

    Photo hosting

    What is everyone using for forum image hosting? I was using facebook, but they seem to be refreshing the URLs periodically I tried google photos yesterday, but these aren't working either
  3. AndyT306

    Car washing with advanced key

    So I washed the A7 for the first time this weekend and the car was constantly locking/unlocking while i was washing and/or using the pressure washer... Is the solution here to unlock it and take the key a distance from the vehicle?
  4. AndyT306

    Joining the A7 Family

    Got my 2nd A6 4 years ago and at the time wanted a fully loaded A7 soooo badly, but couldn't afford one - yesterday I picked up that dream car. A7 Black Edition in Daytona Grey, car has tech pack advanced, and air suspension... oh and it's the 3.0 BiTDI - loving it so far, will get some more...
  5. AndyT306

    Wireless phone box

    Just been to look at a 2018 A3 Sport which has the wireless charger in the arm rest, chucked my phone in, started charging A few seconds later got a message on the MMI that wireless charging has stopped as there is another object on the charger Anyone else has this?
  6. AndyT306

    finally got round to a lockdown detail

    car was fully corrected and sealed when i bought it last February, and just had maintenance washes since, so was way overdue a strip down.... corrected 2/3 new marks with Scholl S3 and have polished using AF Tripple, goes on and comes off very easy and is nice and glossy, but I don't think it...
  7. AndyT306

    VCDS Mods List

    Is there a list of MODS for the C7? Is there anyone midlands based who has access to help me?
  8. AndyT306

    TPMS retrofit

    possible? cost? anywhere that does it?
  9. AndyT306

    styling updates...

    really want to add something to my car, only had it since February, but it's almost identical to my old saloon and i'm getting bored! been looking at the maxton designs front splitter / skirts really want an rs6 style rear diffuser, but don't think any were done for the facelift/s-line any...
  10. AndyT306

    avant load cover

    I've got the electric load cover in my vehicle, not sure if this is standard? when deployed it rattles quite a lot, is this normal?
  11. AndyT306

    goodbye C7... hello C7... goodbye C7

    So as I have my first child on the way I've been considering change my A6 saloon for something more practical, after much consideration I decided on exactly the same car in avant guise It's strange how some of the spec differs from the saloon, different front bumper, different interior...
  12. AndyT306

    Bluetooth iOS12

    Anyone else had issues with bluetooth on Apple after upgrading to iOS12? My call quality has been unusable since, car has been into Audi and they replaced the microphone and bluetooth module, but it's made no difference Apple have also replaced my phone!
  13. AndyT306

    Dealer ignored no wash notice

    So my car was in Audi today to have my bluetooth issues investigated, and as always a no wash notice was left on the job card (they actually prompted me to put it on) So I go to pick the car up and it's been washed - when it went in it was very dirty due to the winter weather, and there is no...
  14. AndyT306

    Battery Dead

    So yesterday my car wouldn't start, called Audi assist and the AA came and got it going, battery needs replacing! My car is only 14 months old and Audi are saying it isn't covered by warranty! It's in the dealership overnight so they can test it, really annoyed!
  15. AndyT306

    1st Service

    My 2.0 Ultra is due it's first service and oil change in a couple of months Have just been quoted £416.16 by Audi Halesowen, just curious as it what others have paid
  16. AndyT306

    Hazards Flashing

    my neighbour has just been round to say my hazards were on, they were flashing like the alarm was going off but with no siren The car hasn’t moved for 24 hours; doesn’t look like it’s been interferes with or bumped Any ideas?!?!?
  17. AndyT306

    AITP9 Preperation

    Have spent all weekend getting the car ready for next weekend, it's going to rain for most of this week but at least it will be a quick wash down before Sunday :) Started with my wheels as I haven't given them a deep clean for a while, used a little bit of CarPro Iron X and Dooka wheels, did...
  18. AndyT306

    looking for bodyshop/smart repair

    after a very minor incident i have taken a few small amount of paint off the corner of my front bumper - looking for bodyshop or smart repair recommendations in the west midlands please
  19. AndyT306

    Black badges

    want to replace my Audi rings with black ones, struggling to find ones for the c7.5 has anyone else got them?
  20. AndyT306

    Autoperfekt Siven Wheel Cleaner So for a while I've only been cleaning my wheels with CarPro Iron X - it does a great job, and looks cool turning purple - however with me cleaning my car once/twice a week I was considering that it was a slight...