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  1. Jooles

    B&O upgrade in B8.5

    I'm considering upgrading the standard Audi set my 2012 A4 Avant facelift to the B&O set up. I had an A3 Black Edition previously with Bose and that was miles better so I'm assuming the B&O will be similar? So just wondering if there's a definitive guide as to what I would need and from...
  2. Jooles

    3.0 tdi remap advice

    I've got a B8.5 2012 3.0 tdi 245 manual and I'm thinking about a remap later this year, I've spoken to the insurance company and at present there would be no additional cost if it made up to 300bhp which I found surprising but that's got to be good news. Thing is like most people, I'm not sure...
  3. Jooles

    Sat nav lost

    As per title, my sat nav appears to have got lost and doesn't show the current location. It's a 3G+ mmi and seemed to go all weird after I had been looking at traffic hold ups and clicked show on map (sat in a hospital car park bored stiff waiting for my wife to get her Covid jab) from that...
  4. Jooles

    Sunvisor clips

    The passenger side sunvisor clip fell apart today and what I thought was the right one on ebay apparently doesn't fit my car, a 2012 B8.5 S line so has the black headlining etc - so if anyone can let me have the correct part number that would be good. Having said that are they an expensive part...
  5. Jooles

    Sport or S line suspension

    I assumed that the S line A4's all had lowered suspension which on one hand they do as the standard S line is called Sport and 20mm lower but 'S line' suspension is 30mm lower and optional. My question is how do I know which I have? My car is a 2012 S line facelift. The photo is from the 2012...
  6. Jooles

    Rotor centre caps

    I've just bought myself a nice set of 4 19" Rotor alloys but I can't quite figure out which centre caps I need as there were non included. Looking on ebay theres quite a few that look the same but refer to different part numbers (I'm going to take a chance on reproduction ones). I want the...
  7. Jooles

    Wheel ET numbers

    I've recently bought an A4 avant 3.0 tdi S Line 2012 face lift so B8.5? I've been unsure of the wheels as although they look like the standard S Line wheels, they tend to stick about more than on other A4's I've seen. I managed to take a photo of the details inside the rim today and they are...
  8. Jooles

    A4 Avant parcel shelf questions

    Hi all, I'm new to the A4 forum having previously had an A3, I'm just in the process of of buyimg a 2012 Sline Avant, its the facelift model which I assume is the B8.5? Theres no retractable parcel shelf with it so need to source one. I would need a black one to match the interior trim and...
  9. Jooles

    18" Rotor alloy and space saver wanted

    I'm after a straight 18" Rotor alloy wheel in the Nottigham area as I had a blow out on a roundabout and had to drive 50m without a front tyre, I can't find anywhere open to repair the wheel locally so if I can get hold of a matching wheel for now at least I can get the car back on the road. I...
  10. Jooles

    SD card advice and RNSE

    I'm off on abit of a road trip in a few days to the EastYorkshire Coast but I haven't got round to putting any music on SD cards yet. Mine is the later model of RNSE with black bezel and chrome knobs but with the tv/cd button so have got 3 non HC 2gb cards. I've formatted them with FAT32 and...
  11. Jooles

    8p footwell mats identification

    There's some wear on my drivers footwell mat and I've spotted an apparently new set for £20 but the seller isn't sure what model A3 they are for - can anyone identify from the image of one of the labels? Mine us a 2012 8p Sportback Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. Jooles

    Replacing a Concert with RNSE

    Hi, I'm new to the forum aswell as to Audi ownership - I've got an A3 2012 Sportback Quattro S Line Black Edition 170 so is reasonably well equipped but I had always set out to get a car with the sat nav installed. This car came up and ticked virtually all the boxes apart from sat nav. No doubt...