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  1. Simon

    For Sale Genuine B8 S4 18” alloy wheels

    18x8” et 47 Genuine B8 S4 wheels, freshly refurbished in bright silver. Two mps4 tyres fitted with good tread but they come free as I can’t warrant the overall condition, one has some sidewall damage. I’d prefer collection but obviously that will be tricky so I can arrange delivery to mainland...
  2. Simon

    MMI Driving me crackers

    I have a 2011 S4 with MMI 3g high - latest firmware installed. There is an ipod classic in the glovebox with a proper audi interface cable and that is what is use 99% of the time. However I usually listen to playlists rather than a specific artist or album and this is where the problem lies...
  3. Simon

    S4 Avant handling

    So admittedly I have been driving around in a Nissan GTR for the last 6 years so my perspective is at least slightly skewed but now I am starting to use the S4 I am finding the handling to be a little bit well, boatlike. I drive in dynamic and the springs have been changed for a slightly...
  4. Simon

    iPhone 11 mmi interface

    iPhone 11 with mmi interface cable, are they compatible usually? Doesn’t seem to want to recognise mine...
  5. Simon

    B8 S4 project thread

    Well she has arrived this morning and to say I am please is just a tiny understatement :) Apologies for the crappy auction pictures - mine are to big to upload at the moment. this is the damage And that is literally it, suspension arms are all good, chassis is perfectly straight, none of...
  6. Simon

    New B8 S4 Owner

    Hi Guys, Just purchased a 2011 S4 Avant in a dark metallic blue, 48k on the clock with very minor front damage to one corner, spec is largely unknown at the moment other than it is running on 18's and has the leather/alcantara interiror and manual gearbox. Needs a bumper, bonnet and headlight...
  7. Simon

    Back after an extended break

    Well I am surprised I could remember my details for this place - it has been a while! last time I was here was back in 2013 or so I think, just getting rid on a B5 3.2 A4, following that I bought a 2008 S5 but didn't really post here with that one (hung around on but that got sold...
  8. Simon

    goodbye pictures

    Decided that life is too short to drive around in something that doesn't float my boat so the Audi has gone on Autotrader today while I look for something to replace it. looking at these pics I am sorry I don't like driving it more...
  9. Simon

    Wheels - width and offset question!

    I brought a set of genuine 19" speedlines advertised as 8.5j et48 with 235/45/19 tyres, of which two were at the legal limit. I picked them up, checked that they weren't bent or cracked stuck them in the car and got home and put them straight in the garage. FFWD to last night when I...
  10. Simon

    Back to the fold after a long absence....

    So many years ago I had a B5 A4 1.8t with full reiger kit, I went from that to a Nissan Skyline and have been playing in those ever since ending up with a heavily modified RWD 450bhp R33 GTR that looked like :D then after a little too much right foot at the wrong time and place it...
  11. Simon

    What to look for in an S4?

    Had an A4 1.8t a while ago but moved onto a Skyline (after the GF brought one first!) Now she has got bored with it and want something different, practical but with the same sort fo performance on offer! so the only thing that seems to fit the bill is an S4 Avant - any buying advice? Simon
  12. Simon


    I keep getting emails to say that someone from IP has requested a tempory password for my username - obviously this isn't me. any ideas? Simon
  13. Simon

    VAG Colour help needed

    Jeez it's a long time since I've been on here - all change from the look of things! Are there still arguments about the relative merits of APR vs REVO?? anyway I need some help - I'm having a car resprayed and trying to decide which colour to go with. I was shown a metallic black with a purple...
  14. Simon

    Goodbye Audi >>>> Hello Skyline!!

    Well I waved goodbye to the A4 today, quite sad to see it go in the end, in the last few weeks I had started enjoying driving it like it should have been from the begining! anyway my Skylines arrived in the country yesterday and I will be picking them up in the next couple of days - looking...
  15. Simon

    Rolling Road results

    Well after this mornings run I have had the car in pieces to find the leak, and boy did I find one! As the pipe comes off the DV it loops down past the air con compressor before going round to the intercooler. It looks like it has been rubbing on the drive wheel of the air con unit and that...
  16. Simon

    The A4 is going..........

    cos I have just brought two Skylines only three months to wait for them..................... Simon
  17. Simon

    In gear acceleration times

    On the 'Old' site there was an extensive post on in-gear aceleration times - like A4 1.8t 70-90 in 5th, 16s etc I don't suppose anyone kept any of that info? Simon
  18. Simon

    Burnout 2

    Well worth a look :) no offically licensed cars - but some obvious copies. a whole section dedicated to crashing and causing as much damage as possible :laugh: decent graphics and cars that handle differently. good fun all round Simon
  19. Simon

    New interior required

    I have discovered a rather disapointing tear in the fabric on my drivers seat. ('96 A4) This is a standard cloth t-sport interior, so I need to get it sorted. I was thinking about either getting the seats recovered in leather/alcantara or getting a second hand leather interior from a breakers...
  20. Simon

    Disapointing engine sounds

    I was at donnington this sunday as the was a track day and one of my friends was attending. Lots of very nice cars there - plenty of evo's couple of scoobys and escort cosworths, a sweet lotus espirt some race cars a Ferrari 360 and a spanking red RS4. watching for the pit wall I was most eager...