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  1. mojo555

    looking for someone to take over my S4 saloon lease at £404 per month inc vat

    as above, car is on a 24 month lease and I got it 1st September 2018 so there is about 16 months left, Im pretty sure it needs to be in a business name to take over, I have done it as a sole trader and it just comes out of buy personal account so doesn't effect the business accounts at all. the...
  2. mojo555

    Genuine s4 black edition grill

    where is best place to get a genuine or very good copy black edition grill from for my saloon b9 S4? How do you fit them? Does bunker need to come iff
  3. mojo555

    Anyone changed standard S4/A4 to something like a black edition

    Got my new Navarra Blue S4 saloon last week, i never ordered the black edition pack for two reasons, first its a lease and the deal was much better on standard and two I thought it might look good with chrome.. I was wrong ! it looks more like an executive saloon and not a mean car (I'm only...
  4. mojo555

    Facelift Facelift S3, is Audi sound system standard?

    if so how do I know if I have it? The sound is proper crappy on my facelift S3, I'm sure it said in spec that it's got the Audi sound system as standard, how can I tell if it has? I don't seem to have any sub settings... Any help much appreciated.
  5. mojo555

    From Golf R to facelift S3

    Just a few of my thoughts, I had the golf r for two years on a super cheap lease deal, I always said when I had the car it was as nice inside as an Audi, it wasn't! I've had a fair few S3's and A4's in the past, but the new S3 has by far the best interior of any car I have owned. I also thought...
  6. mojo555

    Parking display on facelift S3

    anyone know how to do this with vcds? I did search and found the one from before, but doesn't seem to be the same coding on my car.. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong...
  7. mojo555

    New 2016 S3 on systems yet?

    As discussed in the 8v forum, but prices seem very high still for the new model, any companies on here offer a good price? Let me have contact numbers and I will call
  8. mojo555

    Orders in for ibis white S3 Stronic, replacing Golf R

    put my order in for one on a 2 year lease, only options are hill hold and rear sensors, I currently have a golf R which I absolutely love! I've had a a fair few hot hatches in the past and this is by far better than any I hav ever had! Just hoping the S3 over upto it or at least comes close...
  9. mojo555

    Ibis white S3 essential extras...replacing Golf R

    going to order a S3 in Ibis, sportback stronic, added rear parking sensors and hill hold, it's a lease car so don't want to spec too much, is there anything obvious (cheap) I'm missing? Been a while since I've had an S3 so looking forward t it! I've been in a golf r for near,y 2 years and loved...
  10. mojo555

    What % discount should I aim for and where's best?

    Tried all the usual car wow, dtd etc seems 12% is about as good as it gets! Anyone achieved more and where from? Should I wait for the facelift? Thinking the discount will be far less... Thanks
  11. mojo555

    Possible new S3 in September, best deal?

    my current golf R lease finishes in September, I'm thinking of coming back to an S3, what's the likely discounts and deals out there? Don't mind lease or PCp, might fancy PCp as would like to buy this one...
  12. mojo555

    S3 black ed sportback time to sell

    Well yet again i have decided to sell the S3, its only been 9 months or so and i have loved every minute of it, but my wife has taken a pay cut to keep her job and that means i need something cheaper so i have just put a deposit on a leon fr + supercopa in metallic black. The car will be on...
  13. mojo555

    Thinking of getting some winter tyres for S3

    I know maybe a little early but before we get the real bad weather i was thinking of getting some winter tyres for the S3 but just swapping the tyres onto the rotars, this way hopefully missing the inflated prices once the bad weather is already here. Does anyone have any exerience of them and...
  14. mojo555

    white 3 door at stoke audi

    Passing Stoke Audi today and had a very quick look at the new A3 they had sat near the entrance from what i saw it looked a little like an A1 but bigger i actually quite liked it as it looks much better in the flesh, didnt get to look inside as was in a rush, might pop down tomorrow when i got...
  15. mojo555

    THe new van with werkstat acrylic..

    I brought some of this for the S3 so thought i would give it a go on the new van, here are some pics... The black is a carbon firbre wrap, the writing is mettalic silver and looks really good, it should of just been matt black but he offered this and i talked him into doing it at no extra...
  16. mojo555

    Ibis S3 withWerkstat acrylic pics

    As above really, i have allways used wax (Zymol glasur) so took a lot of thought wether to swap to a sealant, but pleased with the results it seems to be a deeper better shine which is so difficult to get on a white car Enjoy....
  17. mojo555

    New S3 with pics and front arch wheel gap

    As title really, i am not really intoi modding my cars (once had my cupra mapped thats it) but the front arch gap is really bugging me esp as the rear is so nicely squat!! What are my options and how would it effect my warranty??? Will try some pics for you.. Cheers Kev
  18. mojo555

    Some advice please...

    I have recently got my new S3 in Ibis white. now i have had a couple of cars in white and generally get good results, list of what i use Snow foam Was 2 bucket Sometimes autoglym srp Zymol Hd cleanse Zymol Glasur 2 coats (very low so need to find something new) poorboys wheel sealant megs...
  19. mojo555

    Different colour bumpers on my spanking new S3...

    Hi guys. i have a bit of a dilemma the bumpers are more like cream on my ibis s3 sportback, i have taken to my local dealer and back to supplying dealer (who were very good) but ulimately they both say they are within audi tollerance and Audi Uk will not accept it as a warranty claim!!! So...
  20. mojo555

    Took the S3 back today!!!

    I had an ibis S3 sb with sky roof a couple of weeks ago and soon noticed a slight issue with the paint, so took back to Harrogate audi today and although ultimately i didn't get the outcome i wanted (not possible really) i can say that i was very impressed again with the service and attention i...