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  1. Evolution_Roy

    Facelift HJS down pipe anyone?

    Does anyone have one of these on the car? Looks tempting as it is P&P and should pass MOT
  2. Evolution_Roy

    Facelift Post retrofit question

    Please delete thread
  3. Evolution_Roy

    Facelift Door covers (panels)

    Does anyone knows if the B&O door covers are identical between the Saloon and Sportback RS3?
  4. Evolution_Roy

    Facelift Audi Sport Exhaust retrofit

    Anybody retrofitted one of theses on a FL car? I managed to source a used Audi Sport Exhaust! Is it only to put it on and drive, or is there any software/other components that needs changing?
  5. Evolution_Roy

    Facelift Retrofit - is it smart?

    To make a long story short - is it better to do retrofit instead of changing the car (from one RS3 to another) due to lack of equipment? I will do it with a retrofit specialist - but is it safe/reliable, and OEM look? I want to do: - MMI navigation - B&O Sound system - rear view camera Thanks in...
  6. Evolution_Roy

    Sport Exhaust / Milltek Cat-back

    Hi! Looking for some help with exhaust. My 2018 has the standard exhaust (not sport). And I think it is a little lame. But I don't want something crazy loud. From watching youtube , I think the Milltek Non-Resonated is too loud. So my question is- what will be my best choice? - Audi sport ? -...
  7. Evolution_Roy

    Sportback (another) tyres question

    So, I am about the change tyres. My question is- will MP4S 245/35-19 with 8,5x19 ET45 wheels fit on a FL hatchback with no rubbing issues?
  8. Evolution_Roy

    Car configuration/ equipment list

    Hi! How can I get a list of the car equipment? I tried setting up the Audi connect app, but it does not work for me. Thanks for any help!
  9. Evolution_Roy

    Anybody tried the REVO intercooler?

    Looks promising, bar and plate and not need to modify the crash bar :rock: But is it any good? Most worried about added lag.....
  10. Evolution_Roy

    Something leaking?

    I noticed a couple of times that after I drive hard, there is some splatter on the front doors that look a little odd. Happened again today, dry conditions. Can this be something leaking from somewhere? I can not tell if it is oil or not. Oil level seems to be fine. And I could not detect any...
  11. Evolution_Roy

    TVS TCU flash with own tool

    Has anybody tried to flush the DSG software with the TVS flash tool? Is it easy to do? can you control settings in it or is it a hardcoded tune?
  12. Evolution_Roy

    Uprated intercooler

    Due to mapping date changes, I am thinking about installing an uprated intercooler (Forge) and run the standard map until I do the stage 1.5 mapping. Any negative effects to this?
  13. Evolution_Roy

    Sportback Engine chocking on kick-down

    Hi all, I am Roy, new member here! I have a RS3 model 2018. I noticed that sometimes the engine choke for a second on kick down. I can re-create the issue every time when cruising about 115 kph. D mode and car is in 7th gear. If I kick down the accelerator to the floor, the gear box will shift...