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  1. Mrb.Suffolk

    For Sale TT MK2 8j RAM Air Intake 2.0 TFSI 8J Battery in the Boot

    Up for sale around 8 months after purchasing new, replaced my TT with an 8p S3. Great sound and nicely designed to fit into the TT engine bay. Note this is their newer model that works with the cars that have the battery in the boot. ... fsi-black/ £150...
  2. Mrb.Suffolk

    Play in drivers door/ dropped

    Searched a fair bit but didn’t find many answers. My drivers door has dropped, I can see this as it’s hitting the wing and has left a mark. If I open the door a small amount I can feel play. Checked the bolts on the bottom hinge in the pillar side abs they are tight. Debating a new bottom...
  3. Mrb.Suffolk

    RNS-E Mk2 Happy to sell through here