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    YouTube video of the CEPA 2.5TFSI getting more efficient

    Hi guys. Some years ago (maybe 7 years) there was a YouTube video of an Italian motor company doing som secrets/tricks to the CEPA 2.5TFSI engine making it more efficient and gaining a huge amount of extra power. I am not saying it was true. But it was a very cool clip. I can't find it now and...
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    Hatchback vs Sedan! What to buy?

    Hi all. Happy holidays. Looking to buy an RS3 next year. But can't decide which one to buy. Can you help highlight pros and cons on whether to go for hothatch or sedan RS3? Thanks for your thoughts... Sent fra min SM-N975F via Tapatalk
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    Facelift APR inlet an throttle pipe install!

    Hi guys. I am helping out a friend next week to install the latest APR CAI and throttle pipe/bend. Did anyone here install this by themselves? Was it hard an did it take long? Thanks for helping... Sent fra min SM-G955F via...
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    Wavetrac LSD in the rear Haldex 5 diff

    Hi guy. I have made up a cool mod for the RS3 8V and TTRS mk3. We opened up a Stock Haldex 5 rear diff, and made messurments to see if the conversion with Wavetrac LSD was possible. Here is the results. What do you think? Sent fra min SM-G955F via Tapatalk
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    Audi R8 rear brake upgrade on RS3 8v

    Hi guys. As title say. Whats needed for the R8 rear brake system upgrade on the RS3 8v? I understand 2x 4pot caliper, 2x electric hand brake caliper and 2x disc's. What about caliper adapters and other? Anyone done this here? Any pics out there. Thanks for any help with this... Really...
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    Facelift TVS Engineering TCU sw DQ381 facelift 7 speed dsg

    Hi guy. I friend of mine just tuned his new (only 8600km on the clock) Golf 7R Facelift equipped with the latest and new DQ381 7-speed DSG gearbox. This will be the same as for Audi S3 8v facelift. Today there is only one player Tuning this gearbox. It is TVS Engineering from the...
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    Help! VWR torque arm and inserts.

    Hi guys. I need a quick feedback if possible from someone that has installed the VWR torque arm kit. The car is going onto the ramp to get some new goodies installed and I was just informed that the VWR torque arm kit is not a perfect fit on the Alloy subframe used on all Audi MQB models. I...
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    Calling out early S3 8v models with Simos 12 ECU and APR stage 1 tune

    Hi guys. I am asking for your help. Calling out early S3 8v 2014 models with Simos-12 ECU and APR stage 1 tune Version v1 or higher. I have just been informed that some very early S3 8v 2014 models have the Simos-12 ECU. Later models have the Simos-18 My mates car is running the Simos-12...
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    A3 2.0T FSI ea113 K03 to OEM S3 K04 turbo Help!

    Hi guys. I have returned back to this format after some time away. I am helping a friend upgrading his 2007 A3 SportBack quattro 6MT. His turbo is blown and needs a new turbo. Now to the case. We have sourced a OEM K04 from an Golf 6R which is the same as S3 8p. We also got the OEM DownPipe...
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    Best tire and wheel size for the track?

    Hi. I am about to order new wheels and tier for my 7R to use on the track. I will have a separate track set that will be changed prior to the track event. My previous experience is to use 18" (225x40x18) on my last car (Audi A3/S3 8p) I used Yokohama A048 and Toyo R888R. What do you...
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    Ferrodo brake pads to the rear

    Hi all. I am looking for a set of new brake for the rear and need your help. Can't find the correct part no for Ferrodo DS2500 pads to use on S3 8v / Golf 7R. Can you please help?
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    VCDS DSG DQ250 MQB clutch calibration and reset

    Hi. I am experiencing some hard DSG shifting in "D" mode. When using the paddles "M" mode it is mutch smoother. The car is Golf R mk7/S3 8v with APR stage 1 with ECU and TCU flash. TCU sw v2.2.1 (I think) I have full VCDS cable but it seems the procedure for calibration is different from...
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    Rear brake disc 8p vs 8V

    Hi guys. Can you help me with one thing? Is the rear brake disc on RS3 8p vs RS3 8v different?
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    RS3 widen front track/suspension

    Hi. I am looks into convert my front track width using parts from an RS3 8p. Can some one help me with one question and maybe Parton. ? I am currently using S3 front alloy swiveling arms/hubs. Question. Is it only the front bearing and hub that is different? The reason: I wish to upgrade...
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    Help: Sun shades / curtains SportBack

    Hi all. Happy new year. I am looking for some nice sun shades or curtains to be used in the back of my car. Need to protect my baby. Would like to have something that looks great (like stock) Anyone here that knows about a good solution? It's for a SportBack and need it for the rear doors +...
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    LSD rear Diff for the Haldex Hen4

    Hi everyone. Fancy a LSD rear diff? Please read the thread linked below. Thanks.
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    LSD rear Diff for the Haldex Gen4

    Hi everyone. Fancy a LSD rear diff? Please read the thread linked below. Thanks.
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    Who's rear bumper diffuser is this?

    Hi guy's I need your help. I really like this rear bumper / diffuser with twin pipe. Any ideas which kind it is?
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    APR Norway 2.0TSI K04 kit Dyno day

    Hi all. As someone of you have read before I have a A3 2009 SportBack 2.0TFSI (ea888 TSI engine) quattro & S-Tronic. Have had the car for almost 5 years now. My only problem was one blown engine caused by the timing chain tensioner broke down two times. So finally got new engine on warranty...
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    TVS Engineering & tuning Experience

    Hi all. I am starting this thread to tel everyone about my DSG tuning Experience with TVS Engineering and They are the new (for us anyway) DSG sw specialist. After much reading on what they are capable of doing with the DSG sw and tuning I have payed a deposit on there...