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  1. NHN

    Anyone with ABS module 1K0614517AC & possibly TPMS & Hill Hold

    Hi, anyone upto mid 08 got this abs module fitted, can you add your coding & if you have tpms, hill hold or none. Thanks.
  2. NHN

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI DSG Sport 2005 Upgraded to 2012 S3 Spec Absolutely Fully Loaded
  3. NHN

    Eye opener for some

    I knew I wouldn't like this very much & its sickening thinking what these animals go through, just don't know if I can break a habit of a lifetime & stop eating meat. SAMSARA food sequence on Vimeo
  4. NHN

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    This thread is for Car Entertainment related items & cross chassis parts. Periodically the thread will be refreshed to remove old posts. This is not a chat room, so please dont clutter the thread, if you are interested in the article, please contact the seller direct. Car Entertainment...
  5. NHN

    Satellite navigation SD Card Based

    Welcome to the site. You have ordered an 8V, this is the 8P section fella, I'll get it moved for you.
  6. NHN

    newbie in need of help please

    Wrong section, you have an 8L, not 8P.
  7. NHN

    Classic voicemail recording - very funny

    Hilarious Voicemail From A Witness To Traffic Accident [AUDIO] | My Country 95.5 Had me & a mate laughing our asses of lmao
  8. NHN

    Help me buy the right car

    Welcome to the site Phil. You're looking for an 8P chassis, this is the 8V section, I'll get this moved for you. No not all these are standard, the black editions did have some tech kits fitted that included some features, but a lot is selected by original buyers. If you find a nice example &...
  9. NHN

    Andy Murray Wimbledon Champ 2013

    What can I say, he played brilliantly, Lendl's effect on him has now got 2 grand slams and Olympic Gold. So proud of the guy, well deserved & he nailed it, really took it to Nole. Well done Andy.
  10. NHN

    Sonos wireless systems

    Anyone got experience with this kit, I was looking into the following: Sonos play bar Sonos play 3 x 2 Sonos sub Sonos bridge Gives me 5.1 all wireless which in the enviroment needed, is best, running cables isn't an option for a while.
  11. NHN

    James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano Dies

    I saw this & was immediately shocked, 51 years old man, just goes to show you life is precious & everyday should be lived to as full as possible. I really enjoyed some of his films & tv work. RIP
  12. NHN

    NHN Stronic Gearknob Mod 2 - 8V Stronic to 8P

    Well, my mod of the conversion for the dsg side button gearknob, to the newer front button stronic gearknob, should of been patented as it circled the world many times lol. So when I...
  13. NHN

    Bose Audiopilot Sporadic Volume Levels & Hissing During BT Calls- Fixes

    8P based cars, namely A3, S3 & RS3 with Bose installed have the audiopilot system, which basically monitors the internal sounds in the car & changes the output of the stereo accordingly. On non Bose cars, this uses the gala system, which monitors the cars speed & depending on the menu...
  14. NHN

    Stronic Perforated Leather Gearknob?

    Has anyone got the stronic perforated leather gearknob, if so can you please ping me your vin or reg with maybe a pic of the offending item :) so I can research with my guys at audi in etka. Thanks in advance.
  15. NHN

    London War Memorial's Defaced

    Scum, that's all I can say is only scum would do something like this, pieces of shxt unintelligent scum!!!! London war memorials defaced - ITV News War veteran vows to stay at memorial until graffiti is removed An 89-year-old war veteran has said he will stand at the Bomber...
  16. NHN

    Very Happy Birthday N8 - Aka Kowalski Details

    I would like to wish one of our very respected Sponsors a very happy birthday today. Hope you have had a fantastic day, enjoy your new toy to use on detailed cars & hope to see some great pics of the use of said item very soon. Hope to see you very soon :)
  17. NHN

    Custom Moulded Earphones

    Of late I've been considering buying a set of these & of course going to have moulds made etc. I have looked at ACS & Etymotics, there are others out there, but these 2 brands are standing out from the crowd as such. Anyone else gone down this road, any experiences with the brands. I've...