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  1. Moots

    B&O Suboofer Issue.

    Mine didn’t sound amazing when I first received it, had to tinker with the settings but never heard anything sounding like it was farting on low volumes. Sounds like you’ve got a faulty sub Potentially.
  2. Moots

    Break pedal knock

    Yea does it sometimes on my S3 as well
  3. Moots

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

  4. Moots

    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    I’m getting 28.5 long term in my S3. Not that much worse than my mk7.5 GTI was.
  5. Moots

    New Volkswagen Golf R vs Audi S3 vs BMW M135i

    Christ Jassy, haven’t you been told multiple times to knock this **** off and stop de-railing threads? You don’t like the 8Y, That’s fine, we couldn’t really give a shiny *****. We do that’s why we bought them, and acting like you know better than anyone else just makes you look a bit of an...
  6. Moots


    Is that for an A3? I’m still not seeing anything available for my S3.
  7. Moots


    No that’s part of the driver assistance pack, which i didnt spec. But have been advised it’s definitely going to be available as part of FOD, as I have the camera’s required it just needs to be enabled.
  8. Moots


    I’ve been advised that this will be available at least on my car which is an S3 with comfort and sound pack. I’m sure i also read that the Matrix headlights can be enabled via FOD if you have the standard ones, but I have them on mine anyway so haven’t confirmed with Audi.
  9. Moots


    I was told September, but i trust audi about as far as i could throw them, so who knows if thats going to be accurate or not.
  10. Moots

    New S3 Carwow drag race

    He’s right, you are quite boring :) I Test drove the M135i and actually placed an order for one before cancelling when the S3 became available, I did like it but found it a bit dull to drive compared to the S3 but in terms of kit it felt like there was more in the BM, but it was slightly more...
  11. Moots

    A3 Sportback CarPlay issue

    I’ve sent York Audi a couple of videos, they’ve done sod all with them and when i chased after a couple of weeks to see wtf they were doing they just said oh we can’t see the videos. They’re a complete shower, I’ve escalated to Audi Uk this morning. Sick of their incompetence, I’m convinced...
  12. Moots

    Audi MMI login

    Meant to ask this a while ago but forgot, when i get into my car i have to login to the MMI with a PIN every time, if I’ve been out the car for a few minutes it just says continue and i dont have to enter a PIN, is there anyway around this? There is an option in the app that says login when...
  13. Moots

    London Based Dechroming for Subscribers - CRD Customs

    Yup, I’m questioning how they justify £950 for a full car and £700 for some smaller pieces. Don’t want to get it done on the cheap, but obviously don’t want ripping off either.
  14. Moots

    London Based Dechroming for Subscribers - CRD Customs

    Wing mirrors Chrome splitter front Chrome splitter rear Chrome window trim Chrome/silver side skirts chrome front grill only the outer (not the internal silver parts)
  15. Moots

    London Based Dechroming for Subscribers - CRD Customs

    Fancy a drive up north to do it ? I’ve been quoted £700!
  16. Moots

    Interview with an Audi representative

    I’ve had 2 software updates over the air already since December. So wouldn’t be surprised to see more.
  17. Moots

    Exhaust sound of the 8Y S3 when revved at a standstill

    Mine sounds better now than it did, I’ve done 1500 miles now. Hoping that continues to improve as I do more miles.
  18. Moots

    Pre-sense warning light (yellow) and reversing question

    Suspect it’s more to do with the software version and when it was built again as per the 2 USB C sockets etc. My S3 has reversing Camera and comfort and sound pack and does beep when changing.
  19. Moots

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Seems quite varied, I’ve got Goodyear Eagle F1’s on my S3, and have the 18” alloys
  20. Moots

    Pre-sense warning light (yellow) and reversing question

    Not that I’ve noticed no, it only beeps at me at the minute to tell me to top up my washer fluid lol. Definitely beeps when i put it into or take it out of reverse Though.