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  1. Moots

    Audi MMI login

    Meant to ask this a while ago but forgot, when i get into my car i have to login to the MMI with a PIN every time, if I’ve been out the car for a few minutes it just says continue and i dont have to enter a PIN, is there anyway around this? There is an option in the app that says login when...
  2. Moots

    Replacing alloys

    Looking at replacing my 18” gmbh alloys with some rs6 style alloys - I’ve no experience with this, is there anything I should be wary of? And does anyone have any idea how much I can expect to get back...
  3. Moots

    S3 potential purchase

    Hi All, Looking at a nearly new S3 in nano grey with tech pack and virtual cockpit, currently in a golf Gti 7.5 facelift. is there anything I should be looking out for when checking the car out? Any reason not to buy an S3 in general? Also how does the start stop and electronic handbrake work...