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    fault code n85 coolant shut off valve

    Hi, i have just had my d.s.g gearbox serviced by audi and they have informed me of this fault code is there: fault code n85 coolant shut off valve static fault, which they say has not pressure, ie it doesnt turn off the flow! Has anyone had this issue as they are claiming it to be a £500 job...
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    heated washer jets

    hi, i am just wondering if my heated jets are working as i had no screenwash water coming through when it was frosty the other day, but thought the heated jets would solve this? Is there a way of checking they are working on the car please ?
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    haldex question

    i am due my first haldex oil change, does this require a bespoke spanner like the tt did? if so where is the best place to buy from please/ thanks
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    s3 saloon 2014 wiper blades

    Hi There, i need to get a new set of wiper blades and wonder where the best place to try is? Any thoughts please
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    haldex spanner

    has anybody brought a haldex spanner for the 8v- s3 ?? any ideas please:thumbs up:
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    tyre pressures for s3 saloon

    i have just had new boots fitted being the new michilin ps4s but when my old tyres were taken off it seemed that they had worn more in the middle!! i wondered if anyone else had found this and if reducing the pressure from front of 42 to 40 might help them wear more evenly?? Any thoughts and...
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    downloading music question

    as a newbee i have tried downloading a song with mp3juices and it worked in my car no problem! thought great news, so i downloaded a load more songs and when i tried to play them the song comes up the screen as normal but no sound, not even the first song i tried works?? help please just wonder...
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    is there a haldex upgrade for the s3?

    I curious if there is a haldex upgrade for this s3 that might bring in the 4 wheel drive sooner to help the push understeer? I see the new revised a45 merc now has a front torque diff as well to help round the corners!!
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    music recording on sd card and juke box?

    i am wondering what is the best way to save music onto an s.d card, what file is best to use etc? Also can u move this music onto the juke box from the s.d. card? thanks fro your help!!!
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    music spotify,etc question

    just wondering, i have a samsung a3 and was thinking of using spotify, but audi informed me that when i was going to purchase the lighting cable that it would only charge the phone!! is it possible to connect your phone, how do u guys put music through the car or onto the duke box???? sorry...
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    tyre question for s3 saloon

    I looking to replace my 19" tyres and have been reading posts about tyres and people talk about having the ao tyre for the car, does all the suppliers make an ao tyre or is this only continetal as fitted to my car?? or is tis not important???? thanks
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    sunroof question

    Hi, i have read that if you have a sunroof that if u lubricate it with this gummi plegde stuff that it helps stop it rattling etc? Has anybody got any ideas what in paticular needs lubricating? thanks for your help!
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    luggage liner for s3 saloon

    Just tried audi and they want £75 for a luggage liner for s3 saloon ! wow thats steep!:frown: Does anybody know where to get a similiar product that they were happy to buy from, please??
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    When is next meet

    just got my s3 saloon and wondered when the next meeting might be is this area please?
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    super sport seats query

    Hi, finally got my s3 saloon second hand after a long wait for the right vehical!:footy: Will post some pics soon, but am loving the car! But was just wondering as i have the super sport seats has any one managed to buy a d.v.d. player (to attach by velcro i presume) to the rear of the front...
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    S3 CAR insurance for chipped cars

    Hi ya, possible looking to chip my s3 and wondered if u had any thoughts to which companys people had used for a quote if i revo`d it?? :grimacing::grimacing:
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    has anybody fitted an s3 black edition grill with quattro on it?

    has anybody fitted an s3 black edition grill with quattro emblem under the number plate on it to their car as i think it`s similair to the new rs6`s? I`m curious to your thoughts and opionions. many thanks :whip:
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    buying a secondhand s3 saloon!!

    Just wondering since its been a while, since i brought a secondhand car, where u guys would recommend to look for a secondhand s3 saloon!! your help is much appreciated! as i`m sure things move on very quickly these days!:laughing:
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    haldex upgrade thread

    has anyone heard of a haldex upgrade to send more power to the rear yet??
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    reversing camara

    is it possible to retro fit a reversing camara??