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    Bizarre electrical fault - VW Polo 2015 - Help!

    Had another go at this. All works fine when ignition first switched on. Put side lights on and checked the rear light cluster. Passenger side was fine, drivers side was pulsating intermittently. After about 10 seconds they all went off, and on again, alerts on dashboard stating to check wipers...
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    Bizarre electrical fault - VW Polo 2015 - Help!

    Tightening the negative connector on the battery did not resolve this issue. Same issue this morning - Also noticed that I only have the passenger tail light working, no number plate lights or drivers side tail light. Brake lights work. Thinking it might be a relay that controls a...
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    Bizarre electrical fault - VW Polo 2015 - Help!

    Might have found the problem. The Negative battery terminal was loose. Tightened up and will see if the problem re-occurs on the way home tonight.
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    Bizarre electrical fault - VW Polo 2015 - Help!

    Update - Just started the car again and everything is working. This is intermittent so maybe a connector or relay issue. Any advise on where to check would be greatly appreciated. Jim
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    Bizarre electrical fault - VW Polo 2015 - Help!

    Reaching out to the experts on the forum...... VW Polo 2014 (64 plate) 1.4 TDI I have a strange electrical fault with my wife's car. Progressively got worse over the last couple of days. The car starts and drives fine, no loss of power etc... When driving the electrics cut out for about 0.5...
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    How much should I ask for my A4?

    Hi all, Being about the best Audi forum out there I thought I would ask the question on how much I should ask for my A4. The down side of this is that I will not be an Audi owner for a few years, which I am a bit upset about as I have owned this car for the last 12 years. Details of car -...
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    Which Control arm kit?

    Just to let you know I have purchased a kit from ebay for £95 complete with bolts and track rod ends. Only want to keep the car running for another 2 years so hope they last. Made by KRAFT and have 20mm Ball Joints. Hope I have not make a mistake with these! Thanks for all your advise. Jim.
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    Which Control arm kit?

    Many thanks for the advise. Am I right in thinking that I have 20mm Ball Joints?
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    Which Control arm kit?

    Aragorn, Many thanks for the advise. Just noticed a kit on ebay made by Kraft. Are these any good? Otherwise, how can I contact Jason? Is there a website address? Many thanks, Jim.
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    Which Control arm kit?

    Hi, I have a 1998 A4 TDI 110bhp (AFN Engine) which I would like to replace the front suspension arms due to excessive knocking. As the car is 15 years old I don't want to pay a fortune for the parts, just need to keep it running for a few more years until its either scrapped or sold on. I...
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    Rclick Remote Locking - Help Please?

    I always thought the Window Auto Closure was controlled by the Central Locking Pump? When I had a water leak from the rear window and water got into the pump, my windows would open everytime I turned on the ignition. Changed the pump for a 2nd hand one and it stopped. Well done for getting...
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    Unsticking AFN turbo vanes

    I tried this fix about 2 years ago and have only lost boost twice since then. The way I did it was - Put the front of the car up on ramps Seperate the exhaust pipe under the drivers seat Undo the 3 nuts that hold the exhaust onto the turbo rotate the exhaust until you can remove it through...
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    Central locking failed

    Sounds like the impeller. Check the following link, it might be useful. AudiWorld Tech Articles Regards, Jim.
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    door rubber trims

    Try the following contact, as long as you don't mind 2nd hand parts from dismantled cars. Overton Dismantlers Overton Garage Ltd off Dyce Drive Aberdeen Scotland AB21 0EQ Tel: 00.44.1224.722354 Parts Fax: 00.44.1224.775451 General Fax:00.44.1224.722457 Email ...
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    remote CL

    Or just purchase an aftermarket Remote kit from RClick You get 2 blank flip keys that you need to have cut. Swap the immob transponder over from the old keys to the new flip keys otherwise it will not start the car. URL - takes about 30 Mins to...
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    service inspection light!

    Yes I believe there is. As long as your car is a late 1998 model. Should be able to clear the Oil and IN1 service lights by using the buttons on the dash. 1. Insert your key into the ignition. 2. Push in the odometer reset button, hold it in, and turn the key to the first click. 3. The...
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    Aero Wipers on

    Try Cost-Co. Goodyear make. Looks just like the ones in your picture. Cost-Co sell them for about £6 ish. Got mine from Milton Keynes, they still have lots left.
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    Rear Spring question

    When you say the car is sitting higher than normal, do you mean it is sitting higher than normal before the rear springs broke? If you had broken springs on the rear then the car would be lower due to the broken springs. I also doubt that it would settle as the garage suggested.
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    New exhaust required

    Why not go for 2nd hand? Try the following contact, make sure you give them as much info as you can so they send the correct part. Overton Dismantlers Overton Garage Ltd off Dyce Drive Aberdeen Scotland AB21 0EQ Tel: 00.44.1224.722354 Parts Fax: 00.44.1224.775451 General...
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    Just use plenty of water and a soft brush. Saying that, my Audi is 12 years old so I'm not as careful as some!