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  1. Homer Simpson

    MMI Issues

    This is what happens when you mess around with the green menu! As per post #4, you need the original disc if you have the old version installed. If you have updated in the past, you can use the 5570 discs
  2. Homer Simpson

    Audi A8 D3 reverse lights and rear fog lights inverted

    Where did you buy them from?
  3. Homer Simpson

    Wanted A6 C6 Floor Mats

  4. Homer Simpson

    Genuine Audi LED Entry Puddle Lights 4G0052133G "Quattro" or "Four Rings" SPECIAL OFFER!!!

    Just to add to this thread, hopefully may help others. I messaged CreweAudi to see if these will fit my D3 S8 and unfortunately they said no. However, I checked to see if the sizes are similar and they are but the connectors are different. So, I bought a pair of these and checked out...
  5. Homer Simpson

    Diagnostics for Audi A8 D3 3.0TDI

    VCDS is a worth while investment, will pay for itself easily. Gendan or Ilexa are reputable resellers
  6. Homer Simpson

    Wanted Audi A4 B7 Bentley Manual

    Do a search for ELSAWIN, there are versions scattered around the 'net or on ebay
  7. Homer Simpson

    New member 2010 A8 in Inverness, Scotland

    One of the last D3s, will have 3G MMI which is rare on a D3. First try clearing the faults, if the car has had a weak or flat battery at any point they flag up a lot of 'ghost' faults. If they come back, then investigate
  8. Homer Simpson

    2017 Audi S8

  9. Homer Simpson

    since when has an A8 been the more economical option....

    Quick note on the number plate lights, the broken screws are a common issue. I had broken screws too bodged in the past which bubbled the paint. Ended up replacing the trim and the lights but I'm afraid the problem will happen again in the future. I would stick to stainless if you can rather...
  10. Homer Simpson

    Audi A8L D3 respray bonnet & roof panels

    Are you looking for which paint to use (DIY job) or you want a recommendation of where to get it painted? If the latter, then a location will help
  11. Homer Simpson

    How reliable is the A8 D5 model

    I haven't looked at the options on the D5 yet. I did drive one for a few weeks, was very nice. I'm not sure what the S8 has as standard but I would want a high spec, bit like my D3
  12. Homer Simpson

    How reliable is the A8 D5 model

    I'm hoping the S8 drops like crazy in a few years!:grin:
  13. Homer Simpson

    How reliable is the A8 D5 model

    10 years left before the ban and it's only for new car sales. I doubt it will depreciate any more than if the ban was not coming into effect
  14. Homer Simpson

    Wanted Wanted Genuine VCDS Cable

    Facebook MarketPlace + £75 = a clone is most cases. Be very wary
  15. Homer Simpson

    Audi A8L D3 Headlights, horn, turn signals not working

    Hi, seems like you have a few issues with it. The best thing you can do is to invest in VCDS. Posting scan logs will help with a diagnosis
  16. Homer Simpson

    A8 L D3 MMI not working

    The MMI motorised cogs do break. There are kits available with metal cog replacements and should be videos on YT on how to do it. Is the reset you tried the 3 button hold and release method? When you say it turns off, does it go blank or freeze?
  17. Homer Simpson

    Bringing my TQS back to life!

    Looks good so far Gops! I need to come down and see this one day!
  18. Homer Simpson

    Audi S8 D3

    You're welcome. Yes I still have my S8 and still love it as much as the day I bought it! Took me a long time to find one with a high spec and decent mileage. Hopefully will be a keeper.
  19. Homer Simpson

    Audi S8 D3

    Mine was around £120 so still cheaper than US prices! Glad yours is behaving itself, who would think a bit of (expensive) hose would make so much difference? lol
  20. Homer Simpson

    How reliable is the A8 D5 model

    You're welcome