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    Reupholstery with OEM fabrics...recommendations?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a reupholstery company who can source ‘Audi’ OEM fabrics. I’m specifically looking for a match on the cloth in my TQS half leather recaro interior. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Converting saloon rear seats to fit Avant...anyone?

    Anyone have any experience or guidance re converting saloon rear seats to fit the Avant? Both sets of seats / cars are facelift (or partial) and split folding. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Breaking Mid-facelift Black A4 B5 TQS saloon

    Very sad to have to do this but it's time is up...on the bright side I just bought a S4 B5 Avant so I'm not too sad! Have posted this on the classified for sale forum but just in case someone misses this. Complete car will be broken for spares. I'll post a complete list and photos when I get...
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    A4 TQS - can I get a CAT B re-categorised

    Looking for some advice as I've just been told my TQS must be scrapped. Long story short, the car was involved in a rear end shunt in 2014. My insurers at the time said that it was beyond economical repair and therefore it was to be scrapped. I never received any other paperwork stating a...
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    AJL Compatible ECUs

    Just looking for confirmation...or not. Having read Broken Byzan thread on ECU upgrades...will a 06A906018CG work in the AJL engine? I've just been given one from a pal...he thinks it came from a Golf 1.8T. Hoping it works but need clarification. BB's thread makes mention of the above ecu but...
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    Help needed reprogramming keys after new vacuum pump

    Looking for a little help reprogramming my keys. In brief...both my keys stopped working a while ago and after sporadic interior light / alarm / central locking issues I found that the offside boot well was filled with water and blew the old pump...replaced pump and all was well again...other...
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    S4 B6 vibration - recommendations for Glasgow mechanics

    I'm a B5 TQS owner and user of that forum so this is for a pal. He's got a S4 B6 which has recently developed a vibration through the car that he's having trouble tracing. He's gone through all the usual things (tyres / exhaust / wheel balancing etc etc ) but wants to now take it to a...
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    TQS brake upgrade - brake bias rebalance

    So some thoughts after 3k+ miles on the 312 front brake upgrade. Good overall improvement. Noticeable improvement in felt braking force v Pedal pressure, ABS also kicks in sooner under hard braking but it's got me thinking about overall brake bias. Obviously with bigger front discs there's...
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    Double din parts required for facelift B5 TQS

    As title all... What parts do I need to procure to install a double din head unit in a facelift (2000) B5 TQS? Fitted a Pioneer DA120 to my T5 conversion and like it enough to want in my B5...really like the Apple CarPlay feature. Thanks Ross Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sound proofing matting suppliers near Sunderland?

    Down in the Sunderland area for the next 2 days and looking for a supplier of sound proofing matting. Got a new custom exhaust on my TQS from Meerkat (which is lovely) and it's a tad noisy / resonates through the car at motorway speeds so was planning on installing some Harrison matting left...
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    AJL Custom exhaust...question re what's involved - fitting

    Can any help me in terms of understanding what needs to be replaced for a cat back system? I 'think' I need the following parts as per bradderz_1988 recent Milltek sale...
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    What the best shock to go with Eibach Pro-kit springs?

    Changed the stock springs on my TQS to Eibach Pro-Kit springs last year but now want to change the shocks? Am I right in saying the B8 shocks are the correct shock for the Pro-Kit springs? Any opinions on these shocks or an alternative that works well with the Pro-Kit springs?
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    AJL...what to spend £1K on making it faster?

    Looking for some of your thoughts and suggestions re what to spend £1K on in terms of making my TQS a bit nippier. It's a 2001 Saloon with 116K on the clock with the 180bhp AJL engine. I use it every day and have just changed all 4 tyres today to the new Goodyear F1 Ass3...they are very good...
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    Parrot MKi9200 install in A4 B5...MP3 sound issues

    I installed a parrot BT handsfree kit MKi9200 last year. The BT system works really well but I never bothered playing any MP3 music till now. All MP3 music only comes from the tiny door tweeters. I believe it's because the main door & rear speakers are amped. It's the original Concert audio...
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    Parrot MKi9200 & amped rear speaker issues

    I installed a parrot BT handsfree kit MKi9200 last year. The BT system works really well but I never bothered playing any MP3 music till now. All MP3 music only comes from the door tweeters. I believe it's because the main door & rear speaker is amped. It's the original Concert audio tap deck...
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    TQS rear caliper suppliers?

    My rear calipers are beginning to stick when the hand brake is left on for a few days. I'm looking for a little direction as to where's best. They a completely standard BTW. GSF are quoting £200+ a side, EBC circa £100 each and then a eBay listing £100 for 2! I've read a little about the...
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    A4 TQS N/S rear ABS ring

    So I can't see one when I pull the ABS sensor out! I swapped the old ABS sensor out a couple of weeks ago as I suspected it was dead as the last time I looked it had been 'slightly' covered in iron filings and the end had been pushed too near the ring and marked it. When I pulled it out this...
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    AJL chipping....where to get it done...who has any chips?

    Running a stock AJL and it's time to get it chipped. Brakes - done Springs - done Control arms - done Clutch - done (just went for a stock unit as it'll do for what I want) Dampers - on the list but they can wait. I know I shouldn't expect anything more than 200bhp but the increase torque...
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    Where best for new brake pads / SS hoses?

    It's time for some new brake pads on my 1.8TQS saloon. The stock disks and calipers are being kept so it's just the pads and possibly some SS hoses that I'll get. A brief search on here would suggest Ferodo DS2500 or Mintex M1144 pads are a good upgrade. However, I'm struggling to locate...
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    A4 TQS Water pump replacement with front bumper intact?

    As this possible or just a huge ball ache and a recipe for multiple busted knuckles? The timing belt was only changed 35K ago (@ 70k) so ideally I'd just do the WP on its own. I've never changed a WP (or timing belt for that matter) before but I'm reasonably confident it's...