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    20’’ wheels on my rs3

    Hi , Looking for abit of advice please Will I be able to fit a set of 20’’ ttrs 2018 wheels to my 2012 rs3 as a straight swap or will I face issues with rubbing or brakes? Cheers
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    2018 ttrs blown up engine

    Hi guys been a while , I got my hands on a new ttrs had it about a year now , other day not at high speed I got the message engine drivetrain failure , what followed was a very lumpy no power feel , luckily I wasn’t far so got home , audi engineer came out next day and said camshaft sensor had...
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    My RS3 needs new gearbox!!!!

    help.. my car is in audi roughly every 6-8 weeks since ownership for various things and recalls, I noted over a year ago sticky 2nd/3rd gear and a noise whilst in those gears, finally after loads of gearbox software updates which didn't ever cure the problem audi replaced the metatronic box...
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    RSQ3 and stuff

    Thought I'd share this with you lot,taken from the spring edition of progress magazine
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    Discs nearly gone ??

    Hi guys, I glanced at my front discs today and they seem to have a nice big lip and will need changing next few hundred miles!! ive done 10k the car is 13 months old , I've still got at least a third to a half left on the front pads. Do discs go before pads? Or have those evil audi squealie...
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    Oil service prices

    Asked audi today about an oil service they said the oil is long life and its two years until first oil change, i like it changed every 10k or year so they quotes me £307.94 labour 124£ parts 183.74 WOW!!!!! I might source the oil separately and just get audi to do the change and stamp the...
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    Rs3 noise test

    Hi all, ive been in and out of audi since August of last year with a metallic sound, the noise is intermittent , on start up sometimes it will make the noise which echo's away to nothing , if I blip the brake in 3rd and it changes down to 2nd the noise is present and lowers with the rev's, also...
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    Mercedes release a45 amg

    Mercedes CLA 45 AMG | Auto Express
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    Spotted this afternoon in Southend

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    Spotted red rs3 a13

    Spotted red rs3 today around 6pm on a13 pressed metal plates "EGG" i was I'm cooper s mini shame I left the Rs at home:(
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    found this, somone may like it

    Audi RS3 Sportback (2012)
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    vinyl wrapping company in essex?

    hi can anyone point me in the right direction to get a vechicle wrapped in essex , cheers
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    spotted white or suzuka

    spotted a white/grey rs3 parked outside subway shop at southend on sea a127 today about 5ish 0 in 10 months 3 in 1 month
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    Spotted another black rs3 north London

    Black rs3 at oakwood cockfosters north London Today @ about 3pm
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    spotted black rs3 on m25

    well i cant believe it , its the first rs3 ive ever spotted in nearly a year of ownership. hello to the lady driver today on the m25 middle lane near potters bar if your on this site
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    are you able to start your car without putting your foot on the brake?

    hi guys, audi were quite puzzled with my car today when i pointed out that i can start it without applying the foot brake, i do get the message to apply footbrake but only after ive already started the car ,lol have ago please and post up cheers
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    s3 stolen june on camera

    not sure if this is old news on here but just see it and thought id share it Audi S3 Theft 7th June 2012 - YouTube
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    Rs3 recall and update

    Hi guys , just been down to Audi about a separate issue with my car and I thought id share this extra info with u lot, There is a rs3 recall regarding squeaky brakes available also a software update Happy motoring
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    adding speed cameras to your rnse unit

    hi guys satnavsystems are offering the speed camera software disc for £60 plus postage, im well interested so wondering if we could get a group buy sorted with satnavsystems, just a thought,if anyone wants to help message me or reply on here so i can get the numbers needed and have a chat with...
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    Golf vr6 north London Mobile mechanic

    Hi guys , I've had my vr6 in storage now for 3 years and think its time to bring her back, I think i need a new alternator and fitted it's an AAA obd2 r reg , also on an mot a few years back I had an advisory about front McPherson top mounts so might aswell get that sorted too, can anyone on...