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    Swapped my S3

    Hi folks, Ive swapped my S3 for a BMW 340i touring shadow edition....Its a pre reg and had 28 miles on it, got about a 20% discount and is the most expensive car Ive bought so far. It has everything on it that I need, plus I bought a winter tyre and wheel set to go with back into the...

    10 bitcoin for your shiny S3

    Come on you know you want to !

    Emission testing on monkeys and humans !

    Are VW completely stupid and quite frankly evil ? Once you start being cruel to animals along with all the other deceit you really will loose public support if you havent already lost it ! Whatever next ?

    Parcel Farce

    Why cant they say what the price is if you just walk into a post office with a parcel, instead of messing about online and printing off labels yourself....they tell you the online price if you drop at the post office....only issue is I dont have any scales.....sold an 18 alloy wheel without a...

    Facelift First drive of any distance....

    I hope the M6 isnt a smart motorway going up to Lancaster from Manchester....if it is Ive just lost my licence ! B&O is the nuts ! Verdicts out on the P Zeros !

    'Smart Motorways'

    Sent to ruin our lives or perhaps make them safer....revenue collectors !? I know through my own experience there is a section near Stafford on the M6 Does anyone know where other sections are !?

    Door rattles again !!!!

    My previous s3 8v sb had window/door rattles that could never be rectified by the main dealers, had it in so many times. My new facelift S3 8V SB has the same, chattering/rattling when you go over any pothole, bumps in the road. Why the hell dont Audi get this right, Im sick of it ! Fantastic...

    VIN window etching

    As there seem to be quite a few threads on here re stolen or even cars under threat of being stolen, heres a deterrent, its not a perfect solution but its what Im going to do.... The car I had before my Audi had Vin window etching and it was a brand new car. I was surprised and thought that it...


    I dont think Ive ever heard thunder in the winter before. Last night at about 130am heard this really loud thunder, I live in South Manchester. Did a quick search and it said it was Thundersnow....what a great name, didnt get the snow where I am though, more like sleet and hail. Quattro might...

    3rd S3

    Hey Ive been off the radar recently, hope you all had a good New Year. Just made a purchase yesterday to beat the January Blues ! Apologies images not the best, ripped from Audi UK website :) Back in a black edition sportback Stronic 17 plate with 3000 miles on the clock, changed over from a...

    VAG Dieselgate A3 TDI

    Ive often wondered why my dealings with Audi and Volkswagen have been so difficult but now I am enlightened, with todays revelations regarding emissions, I do believe VAG to be riddled with crooks from the top down....I feel like Ive been conned investing so much money and time with this...

    S3 8V SB Electric folding auto dimming mirrors

    Need a quote just for fitting....Manchester or willing to drive an hour to be fitted.

    Nutter in UR quattro

    Was driving back from Wakefield to Manchester on Sunday via Glossop, and was on a good stretch of country road, when I came across a nutter in a UR quattro (possibly black) trying to overtake a row of cars up a fairly steep hill, basically heading for me ! I was driving a black S3 sportback and...

    Gone over to the darkside

    New to me today ! Manual, black styling pack, pan roof, super sport seats, comfort pack, SD nav, privacy glass :devilish:

    If you ran an Audi main dealer ! ?

    Ok so what would you improve/change at the Audi main dealer ? Most car dealerships I have been to might as well be selling fridges Its mostly about selling finance, the product could be anything in their eyes And to many people a car is just a functional object so its no big deal but most...

    RS5 RS6 RS7

    Flying up and down the dual carraigeway near Stafford Audi @ the forum event we had there on Sunday Still places at next two events Stoke Sat 7th March, Crewe Sun 12th April

    What spec cant you live without ?

    My spec list is pretty long but I did ditch the pan roof this time and went for the sportback A few of defos for me are : Metallic paint 18 inch wheels Heated seats Cruise control Power folding heated mirrors Rear parking sensors at least Satnav What are yours ?

    Right decision !

    This is tempting fate but I'm happy with my decision on the S1 gave up on a 62 plate fully loaded manual M135i so it needed to be right ! First tried one back in September last year at Harrogate Audi, they had a cracking S1 sepang blue, fully loaded with pan roof, they got it out of the...

    Silver R8 Salford

    Was out in the S1 sportback last night and was heading down the first part of the dual carraigeway when up behind from nowhere were these bright lights, didnt recognise them ! So I blasted off and they were really pushing me so when I could I pulled over to let them go and see what it was as it...

    Digital Speedo means no clock (what time is it ?)

    I'd like the clock so I can tell the time in the cluster when I've got the digital speedo on and no I dont want to have to flip the satnav screen up ! Any answers ? Ive heard a button on the steering wheel can be assigned Can it be for the clock ??????????? Audi !!!!!!!!!!!! What were you...