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  1. S4 Muzza

    For Sale 45mm Extended Wheel Bolts (Radius Seat)

    As title. Found in garage while clearing out but no longer needed. M14x1.5 45mm length (18mm longer than standard) Radius seat £10 collected from Ayr. £13.50 delivered. Any questions please PM me as I don’t always get notified of thread replies! Thanks Murray
  2. S4 Muzza

    For Sale 15mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers & Bolts

    As title. Found these tucked away in the garage but surplus to requirements. 15mm hubcentric spacers. 5x112 and 5x100 57.1cb Extended 40mm bolts (M14x1.5, radius seat) Barely used. £30 collected from Ayr. £34 delivered. Please PM me as I don’t always get notified of thread replies! Cheers...
  3. S4 Muzza

    For Sale Bimecc 10mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers (5x112 66.6cb)

    Bimecc 10mm hubcentric wheel spacers (20mm total track widening). Bought as a set of 4 for my B8 A4 but only required one pair so these are surplus to requirement. 5x112 stud pattern. 66.6 centre bore. Will fit a variety of Audi’s ( and also Mercedes). Excellent condition as photos...
  4. S4 Muzza

    For Sale Sachs B5 A4 Clutch Kit - New £80

    Sachs B5 A4 clutch kit - brand new. PN 3000 951 210. Bought this for my 1.8se a few years back but it wasn’t needed in the end. Held on to it just in case but car now sold. Will also fit a variety of Seat’s, Skoda’s and VW’s - please check part number. Looking for £80 delivered or can be...
  5. S4 Muzza

    Sold 2001 Audi A4 B5 1.8se

    2001 Audi A4 B5 1.8SE Santorin Blue. 74,000 miles. 2 previous owners. Full History. 2 keys. MOT until January 2022. I bought this as a bit of a stop-gap after selling my RS6, but it turned out to be a reliable old steed and I’ve ended up keeping it for almost 4 years. It’s been daily driven...
  6. S4 Muzza

    Sold Facelift B5 A4/S4 Front Wings (genuine)

    As title, pair of genuine Audi facelift front wings for a B5 A4/S4. Picked these up at a scrappy a while back on a bit of a whim but the wings on both my B5's are in good shape so I don't really need them. Hopefully someone else can make use of them - thought i'd offer them up here before I...
  7. S4 Muzza

    For Sale Genuine B5 S4 Grille with Badge

    Genuine B5 S4 grille with badge (no rings). Very good condition as the photos show, all tabs in tact. Couple of chips to surround but nothing major. Badge is faded. £60 collected from Ayr (KA7). £65 delivered. Cheers Murray
  8. S4 Muzza

    Sold 2004 Mercedes SLK R171 Staggered 17" Alloys Wheels & Tyres

    2004 Mercedes SLK R171 Staggered 17" Alloys Wheels & Tyres Fronts: Part No: A1714012202 5x112 17x7.5 et36 Centre bore 66.6 Bolt size M12x1.5 Sava Intensa UHP 2 tyres, 225/45/17 Both tyres worn evenly with 6mm remaining Centre caps and dust caps present Rears: Part No. A1714012302 5x112 17x8.5...
  9. S4 Muzza

    Sold Eibach Pro 15mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers x4 (2 pair) 5x112

    Eibach Pro 15mm hubcentric spacers, set of 4. Part number S90-2-15-017. These came with a set of wheels i've just picked up but the centre bore on them is too big (66.45) so i've no use for them on my older B5 (57.1 centre bore). They are suitable for many newer Audi's (including the B8/B9...
  10. S4 Muzza

    Wanted Single BBS CH012 Wheel (18x8.5, et35)

    As title, looking for a single BBS CH012 alloy wheel. Must be genuine (5x112, 18x8.5, et35). Condition not important, already have a set, just looking for a spare 5th. Thanks
  11. S4 Muzza

    Back Again... Noggy B5 S4

    Hi all, I used to be a regular used on here some years ago when I had an S3 (8L) but moved onto different cars and different forums in the last few years. From the S3, I went to a B5 S4, then a mk2 golf, then another B5 S4, then a B6 A4, then back to a B5 S4, then on to a C5 RS6 and finally...
  12. S4 Muzza

    VCDS - Glasgow/West Calder

    Hi all, Having test drove a car last week, I plan on returning to buy said car on Wednesday 15th March. While everything seemed in order, I would ideally love to have it plugged in before handing over the cash. The car is located in West Calder, I will be travelling from Ayr. Can anyone help...
  13. S4 Muzza

    Can someone identify this part please?

    As per title, my old man is looking to identify the part in the photos below. Car is a 2002 B6 A4 1.9tdi. Can anyone tell me what it is and what is does? I'm thinking some sort of actuator? Thanks in advance
  14. S4 Muzza


    I challenge you not to be impressed by this... Modified Saleen hits 2,200hp - BBC Top Gear
  15. S4 Muzza

    New B5 S4 Owner :)

    Sold my S3 8L a couple of weeks ago after 2 years of ownership, very sad watching it drive away and at the time i was sure i had made a mistake! But i had put a deposit down on a B5 S4 before the day was out and i picked it up a couple of days later :) 93k on the clock, full audi service...
  16. S4 Muzza

    Leaky Vaccum Hose

    I've discovered a split in one of my vaccum hoses, the one which runs from the back of the bay down the left hand side of the engine and into the manifold (part no. 8L9 612 041 D). The split is just at the 90 degree elbow towards the top of the bay. My question is, is this a dealer only part, or...
  17. S4 Muzza

    Steering Rack Lifespan

    After 150k, my steering rack has finally kicked the bucket. Fortunately i've managed to bag a used one off ebay for less than £100. Its done 90k but i wasnt really put off by this for two reasons, a) my own one lasted much longer and b) i dont really hear of too many people having trouble with...
  18. S4 Muzza

    Tire wear troubles!

    On the way home from work tonigh and had to pull over due to this.... Inside inch of the tire was seriously worn! Should i be checking them for uneven wear more often? Probably. But i've had around 12k of trouble free motoring out of them, thought any major issues would have shown up...
  19. S4 Muzza

    Crieff Audi Meet 2013!

    A date has been set for the Crieff meet this year, Sunday 24th March. It was a cracking day last year, excellent turnout and the weather was brilliant. I'll definitely be in attendance again this year! No other details as of yet but website is below Scotlands Best All Audi Gathering - 2013...
  20. S4 Muzza

    Spark Plug Removal Problems....

    I'm in a pickle. Tried to remove the spark plugs last night, removed all the gunk from above 3 & 4, coil packs out, plug socket in and boom, nothing. Couldnt budge them. Not a sausage. Now i've read contradicting threads, some say you are best to remove when the engine is warm, others say cold...