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    New e-tron to sit below the GT

    Looks like Audi are building up quite a head of... charge with EV launches. New A6 e-tron will sit below the GT but looks to be a fair bit more spacious with greater range. Also posted in the A6 C8 forum.
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    Next gen A6 e-tron

    Next gen A6 e-tron previewed in concept form:
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    Q4 e-tron fully unveiled

    I would have thought these will prove to be quite popular. Not bad looking in standard body shape. Not a fan of the sportback.
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    Front tyre wear - 2.0TFSI quattro

    Took all my wheels of yesterday to replace with a winter wheel set and found some unusual wear on the front tyre inside shoulders. There's a strange indentation around the shoulder rather than a uniform smooth edge that I'd have thought incorrect alignment would cause. Weird thing is that it is...
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    USB socket 2 keeps disconnecting a connected device

    Not sure if this has been reported on here before but noticed some odd behaviour this week with my 2 USB sockets under the centre console armrest. Has anyone else had this and found any dealer fix? With both USB sockets in use, a phone running Android Auto for navigation in USB socket 1 and...
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    Avant load guard rail cover broken off and rattling, any idea how to remove?

    Got a rattle start a couple of weeks ago and today I found out that it was coming from the load guard rail cover just in front of the rear passenger grab handle. The spring loaded retractable cover seems to have broken off inside and I can't extract it. There is a Torx 40 screw visible but I...
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    Australian spec car imported to UK, some quirks

    Hi, hoping the collective wisdom here can provide some help on some quirks I have found with my Australian sourced Audi A4 having just got it on the road here in the UK. I was hoping to get my sat-nav updated with UK maps, is there a way of getting maps loaded for a different region from the...