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  1. millsy75

    Yellow RS badges

    Evening all, has anyone seen where you can buy yellow RS badges/stickers/overlays? Seen them on a few cars, look good but can't find them on ebay or online. Thanks.
  2. millsy75

    Facelift alcantara gearknob

    Hi all, just wondering if anybody has fitted the facelift gearknob to their PFL car? I would like to do this, I would expect it to be a simple swop but always best to ask on here first if anyone has done it! Thanks.
  3. millsy75

    H&R rear ARB

    Hi all, have many of you on here done the H&R rear anti roll bar on your PFL RS3's? Did you fit it with or without lowering the car? Thanks.
  4. millsy75

    RS3 8V PFL

    Can we disconnect our batteries on these cars and re-connect them days or weeks later without any problems or coding required? I know when you swop a battery for a new one it needs to be coded to the car but just wondering if we get a second lockdown is this an option for saving my battery (no...
  5. millsy75


    Going stage 2 next month on my pfl. Car is currently standard apart from HG intake drop in K&N, forge intercooler. Sports cat downpipe next week then HPFP upgraded plugs and MRC stage 2. What's it like anybody? I realise not as much gains as on a facelift model. Thanks.
  6. millsy75

    Plug in (in car) battery monitor

    Morning all, does anyone use those plug in (cig lighter) battery voltage monitor things? Are they any good? Can anybody recommend one? Want to keep an eye on my battery condition. Can anybody let me know what voltages I should be looking at also please? Thanks.
  7. millsy75

    RS3 8V PFL battery

    Evening all, due to Covid my RS3 2016 has a dead battery. I want to try and charge it up now but I'm not sure what type of battery I have from factory. I cannot access the boot to look as too close to the garage wall. I have a CTEK charger (never used) which has various modes to charge on...
  8. millsy75

    RS3 8P Help

    Hi guys, looking into buying an rs3 8p and wondered if there were any decent articles/posts for me to read up on? I wondered if the gearbox in the 8p was the same as in the 8v? DQ500? What are the tuning limits of the standard box and engine? I currently have a tte470 mk7 golf r and fancy a...
  9. millsy75

    S3 8L rear calipers

    Morning people, My offside rear caliper has just started to bind ever so slightly. I am planning to order two new rear one's today and get them swopped over. Has anybody changed a rear caliper? Where is the best place to buy from and best brand to go for? Thanks.
  10. millsy75

    S3 8L shocks

    Morning all, The car is just about to hit 90K, it's been lowered on eibach springs approx 3 years ago. I like the ride and the drop. I'm guessing my shocks won't really be doing their job now so I was thinking of replacing them like for like - to keep a nice ride and freshen the car up a bit...
  11. millsy75

    Liquid Gauge causing interference with RNSE

    Morning all, wonder if anybody can help me. I had a liquid gauge fitted to my S3 8L some time ago (love it all bar the fidddly control stick!) About a year ago I had an RNSE fitted - during phonecalls I was getting some interference that I could hear but the other person couldn't. It's like a...
  12. millsy75

    Rear brake calipers

    S3 8L Hi all, is there a caliper upgrade for the rear that anyone has done? My rear calipers may need a rebuild /replacement so would ideally just upgrade if an option is available? Ta.
  13. millsy75

    Reverse parking sensors

    Hi, has anybody fitted aftermarket rear parking sensors to their 8l? I want to get some fitted and I was looking at aftermarket kits - laserline, steelmate, cobra. I want the flush fit design. Any recommendations in the Manchester area? I understand the oem fitment is in the lower grey trim...
  14. millsy75

    Single din to double din conversion

    Hello, has anybody done this themselves? Did you modify your own single din unit or buy a double din unit? What did you buy? I'm unsure if I just need to buy a double din cage to fit inside my existing centre console or do I need also to change the plastic outer skin of the console? I am aware...
  15. millsy75

    Bola B1

    Anyone else tempted? Look very nice wheels, similar to the rota but seem to be available in better fitment for our 8L's
  16. millsy75

    Parts help

    Evening all, does anyone know if I can buy this part separately without buying the whole rear doorcard? TPS couldn't find the part on their computer. It's the rubber strip that slots onto the end of the rear doorcard, mine is cracked at the bottom (noticed when fitting a new alarm button the...
  17. millsy75

    Fault code 17963

    Evening all, I recently went hybrid BBT with all the trimmings and have had this fault code throw up on the liquid and a loss of power when it happens almost like boost loss. It has happened twice in about 2 months and each time when I clear the code the car drives like a dream again and goes...
  18. millsy75

    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

    Hello, I really like the look of the newer type flat bottom steering wheels. To the people who have them what did you fit? TTRS wheel? What was the total cost of the mod? Was it worth it? I noticed if you get a multi-function wheel it can also control functions on the audi sat nav? Although...
  19. millsy75

    B5 S4 owners

    Evening all, I currently own a S3 8L and am interested in changing to the B5 S4. Have any of you come from an S3 to an S4? What do you think? Do you get the sense of speed/performance that I get from the smaller S3? My S3 is running around 330hp with hybrid turbo etc etc etc I would be...
  20. millsy75

    Parts prices help please

    Afternoon all, I have some surplus parts that I will be putting on ebay and wanted your expert advice on pricing please ;-) Just had a BBT hybrid fitted. Standard 1.8T Ko4 turbo - came off my 77K S3, worked perfectly and no damage car has full history and low owners. Standard S3...