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  1. tig202

    Wanted Black 8p RS3 exhaust tail pipes

    As in the title, my chrome items are beyond redemption so I’m after some tasty looking powder coated black ones. Thanks in advance :)
  2. tig202

    Cards against humanity

    hi all! I’ve had the pleasure of owing a deck of cards against humanity for a while now and have multiple add ons including the close to the bone ‘guards against insanity’ which I would recc to anyone with a more twisted humour. The question is, what card game do I go for now that the...
  3. tig202

    The Welsh Mach Run

    Just stumbled across this on FaceBook, The main event is on the 29th of September 2019 but it looks like they are having a mini-run on the 7th of July. If you look up 'mach run' on Facebook the details...
  4. tig202

    Gear change snatch

    Hi all, after having my RS for just over a week I've started to notice that from a standing start the S-Tronic box would sporadically clunk from 1st to second, it's quite a noticeable jolt/bang :( I have a 12 month Audi Approved warranty on the car but was wondering if this is a characteristic...
  5. tig202

    New member to the fold

    After a lovely drive to Hereford Audi this morning I managed to secure this wee lass. Never thought I would be able to get one in Suzuka grey. 12 months Audi warranty included! One happy camper