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  1. Riko0073

    Square set-up tyre pressures

    Hi just wondered what tyres pressures people are using on a square set-up with 19” 8.5 wheels all round running 235/35’s? label on door says 44 fronts 39 rears for that tyre but not sure if it changes depending on wheel width 8 v 8.5? Thanks for any input.
  2. Riko0073

    Facelift REVO RF019’s

    Hi guys, Ordering the new flow formed REVO wheels and deciding what best size tyre to buy....sorry another best tyre question!! 8.5 square set-up ET45. looking at MPS4 and know these are a wide tyre compared to other manufacturers at the same width. Fitter has recommended 255/30 but I’m...
  3. Riko0073

    Red vents grey stitching

    Hi guys Anyone have the red air vents (part of the old extended interior pack I think?) but with the grey seat stitching? A mate has just bagged a set from a local Audi dealer for £360 which looking at others advertised is a decent price! He has red stitching so sure it will look great but I...
  4. Riko0073

    Insurance telematics boxes

    Hi guys It’s that time of year soon to renew the insurance, I’ve never gone with an insurer that offers the telematic box and wondered how long you have to have these fitted so they can gather the data and what’s your experience with these, drive like Miss Daisy whilst fitted to keep the...
  5. Riko0073

    TVS gearbox map

    Hi guys Anyone gone down the TVS gearbox tune and can share their experience? I have a GPF car with REVO stage 1 tune but feel the gear changes could really benefit with this upgrade. Reading their website I think the stage 2 map would be a good option. Looks like it sharpens up launch...
  6. Riko0073

    Drivers seat moving/loose

    Hi guys As per the title, I’ve just noticed some slight movement in my drivers seat, only noticeable going around roundabouts or a sharp corner! Never had issues with previous Audi’s but have seen that some Audi’s suffer from a bit of seat movement. Anyone else had this and to save a trip to...
  7. Riko0073

    Sorry but quick tyre question

    Hi guys So I’ve read quite a few posts about tyres and I’m definitely looking at changing the OE Pirelli’s to Michellin Pilot’s. Question is, can I still order these and keep the staggered set-up as I see most have gone to a square set-up? What’s the benefit of moving to a square rather than...
  8. Riko0073

    GPF REVO Stage 1

    Hey guys So a bit earlier than I was planning I’ve gone ahead and had the REVO stage 1 done on my 2019 GPF RS3. After reading some feedback from @Dan_DJT who’s been developing this on REVO’s test car, running his own pre GPF car with some good comparisons between the two and the fact REVO...
  9. Riko0073

    RS3 v A45s v M2 comp v Golf R

    The race everyone was waiting for! To be fair the RS3 did a great job, 2nd drag race was very close, always tough for the M2 in the wet but that A45s is very impressive, surprised me in the rolling race. Spoiler...RS3 won the brake test though!! Haha
  10. Riko0073

    Exhaust tip coating issue

    As the title suggests, whilst washing my car today I noticed the paint on one inner exhaust tip has started to flake! Cars only 5 months old and following previous exhaust tip issues with my S3 and S4, the latter being replaced under warranty for pitting, it seems the RS3 tips aren’t holding up...
  11. Riko0073

    MyAudi update

    Hi guys I’ve been having issues with the App since collecting my car and raised a complaint with Audi. Following weeks of waiting they sent me the below which apparently should fix my issue which was specifically that no car options were listed and I kept getting a server error message pop up...
  12. Riko0073

    RS3/RS5/old RS4/diesel S4 drag race

    Little RS3 didn’t embarrass itself too much against the more expensive and more powerful RS5. CarWow recording 12.4 1/4 mile so 0.1 better than its last race against the pre OPF RS3 which also recorded 12.4 1/4.....
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  14. Riko0073

    Oh dear lord! RS3 is for Gangsta’s!!

    Just came across this, think I’m too old for my RS3!! :rock: Hahaha
  15. Riko0073

    Finally - RS3 pre v post WLTP

    Interesting results and seems the cars perform very differently! I’m actually not surprised by the launch although much closer than I thought with same 1/4 mile but am surprised by the mid range result! I’m sure much debate to be had!
  16. Riko0073

    Aircon sync

    Hey guys, I’ve noticed a lack of sync button for the dual aircon, am I missing something or do you have to control both knobs separately? big step down to the 3 way aircon all controlled separately and sync button from my S4. still prefer the RS3 though :racer:
  17. Riko0073

    The competition CLA45s

    Not seen any other videos of recorded 0-60 times yet but with 4 seconds recorded here it seems the RS3 is still as quick if not quicker than the supposed new king of the hill? Even my new OPF RS3 sounds better than that to...awful for an AMG!
  18. Riko0073

    Alcantara protection

    Hi guys How are you protecting the alcantara on the wheel and gear selector? Never had alcantara on the wheel and wondering what it’s like to keep looking good, is it ok to clean every few months with alcantara/suede cleaner and is there a good protector spray?
  19. Riko0073

    Riko’s Nardo RS3 Sportback

    just a few photo’s at collection today, some better ones to follow...