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  1. alexander555

    AMI retrofit help: AMI installed, MMI software updated, still not recognised?

    Hi All, having a bit of a headache in my attempt to get music over bluetooth into my 2010 A8. My car's original set up: Two units in the glovebox: A CD changer A SATNAV/DVD/SDcard unit No AMI socket in either the glovebox or the armrest. I believe the car is too early for AMI. MMI is 3G High...
  2. alexander555

    2010 A8 AMI question

    Hi All, I have a basic question related to the AMI on my recently purchased 2010 A8. I had the manuals in the house when I was trying to figure out how to play music from my phone through the MMI (3G). According to the manual, there is an AMI port in the glovebox. So...
  3. alexander555

    New member 2010 A8 in Inverness, Scotland

    Hi All, my friend who is a massive VAG fan recommended this forum. I just purchased a 2010 A8 that I'll be picking up next weekend. It's a very well cared for car with only 2 previous owners. I can share more when I get it. I'm collecting from England and bringing up to the North of Scotland...