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    New RS3 0-60 Without Launch Control?

    What does the 2015 rs3 do 0-60 mph in without using launch control?
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    Rear Wiper Motor

    I have an S3 2007 8P and my rear wiper motor has gradually stopped working. I checked the fuse and that was ok. I removed the motor and everything looked clean (no leaks etc). Electrical connector looks ok. I plugged in a new wiper motor from ebay and still nothing...
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    2007 Audi S3 - Erratic Idling

    Hi guys! I think I have 2 separate issues with my 2007 Audi S3, an emissions one and an idling one. Been a great car with no problems at all until a few weeks ago. I have read the thread about erratic idling and I will change the Breather Control Valve but wanted to come on here first to see if...