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  1. Alan Oliver

    RS3 8P on Feebay *needs attention* Saw this ad on ebay, Had to smile to myself when i read the sellers "spiel" Car is worth 16K tops from a indie with the poverty spec in 100% order. Buyer got a right...
  2. Alan Oliver

    For Sale OEM Rear Mats 8P S3 3dr S3

    Hi as per title, Rear Carpet mats for 8P S3. Anthracite(?) with Silver Trim. Excellent condition, Out of a 3DR Facelift. Sold these a few years ago, Could find them so had to refund. Today it materializes i do still have them (Thanks to a bedroom decoration & Subsequent clearout! ) Part...
  3. Alan Oliver

    YF61LSO Daytona Grey

    Hi, Does anyone on the forum know of this car. I am edging towards a deal on it, 33K 1 owner car. If anyone has previous knowledge of it that would be greatly appreciated. While i'm posting can someone enlighten me on the timing chain service intervals? Thanks in advance
  4. Alan Oliver

    Good Insurers for RS3 8P

    Hi all, Anyone know where i can get a reasonable insurance quote with Endorsement/Claims on a RS3 8P, gone on Compare the Market & best was £750 My existing insurance company E sure wanted £600 on top of the £442 i paid for my Scirocco TSI and stipulated i must fit a Tracker. I am 52 FFS Thanks
  5. Alan Oliver

    Anyone know of FT62KCZ

    Interested in buying this car, Does anyone on here have any previous & preferably recent experience of this car. Thanks in advance.
  6. Alan Oliver

    Scarcity of used cars with Wingback seats

    I know it's an age old adage that you can never ever get a used car in the exact spec you want but weighing up between a RS3 or E92 M3 at mo and I know the UK RS3 8P allocation was low, And consequently the used market will be a low amount of cars for sale at any one time but I am amazed at the...
  7. Alan Oliver

    8P RS3.......Questions.......

    Having had a 8P S3 last year and due to a motorcycle accident had to get rid for an Auto. As a stop gap whilst my claim is ongoing got a Scirocco TSI DSG . Ideally my itch is on the dark side (E92 M3) but due to the feet dragging on the defendants insurers side unless I look at the bottom of the...
  8. Alan Oliver

    Anyone on here know of LS62DXT IBIS 8P S3 3DR

    Hi, Was looking at the above in a garage (an indie sports dealers in Birminham) Just under 55k, S-tronic Every option ( bar magride, Which I had on my last 8P) Car looked very clean- Only fly in the ointment 7 owner car. Figures with my px were acceptable but that's my worry when I come to sell...
  9. Alan Oliver

    8V S3 stage 2

    Just looking at buying a PFL 8V S3, if I remap to stage 2 to 380bhp (prob Unicorn) what hardware if any is required? So an idea of total cost would be great. Thanks
  10. Alan Oliver

    Sold 8P 3Dr Facelift S3 For sale

    Brilliant Black 94K (hardly used since August last year for reasons below) Registered July 2009 plate (Facelift model) FSH 7 Audi 3 Specialist HPI clear 3 owner car Cam belt done at 70K MOT Nov 19 Recaro Wingback seats- Drivers bolster worn could do with smart repair. Magnetic Ride Suspension...
  11. Alan Oliver

    8P S3 Battery change and now passenger window stuck

    Hi, Just put new battery on my 8p 3dr S3. Reset time, reset windows to enable 1 touch then checked that convenience feature was working. Rolled windows down in unlock mode, Pressed lock mode to return windows to closed position and the passenger window has stuck in that I on either switch can...
  12. Alan Oliver

    8P S3 Seats easy entry?

    Hi, Just a point of curiousity really but can anyone tell me if and when easy entry seats on 3DR 8P S3's were fitted model year wise? My 09 does not have them. Had a 60 plate Scirocco a few years ago that did Question applies to both std and the Recaro Wingback option. Thanks Alan
  13. Alan Oliver

    Lower rear Control arms replacement DIY 8P S3

    Had a service on my 8P S3 last week and. had an advisory that these were corroded and along with the bushes required replacing. Can anyone please advise how difficult this job is to do it yourself? Thanks in advance Alan
  14. Alan Oliver

    Steering Wheel position relative to column

    A while ago i had a big wheel wobble under braking. I took the car to my "go to" guy who opinioned it was a worn bottom ball joint. The tracking was done afterwards. The result being my wheel being off centre( Which i positively detest) The problem never disappeared and so i then under...
  15. Alan Oliver

    Air bag retaining screws 8p3 S3

    Hi, Anyone any idea what size the 2 airbag retaining screws are in the steering wheel? Thanks Alan
  16. Alan Oliver

    8P S3 Facelift Air intake Guide

    While recently changing my Cam Follower, Noticed that one of the fastenings that attach it to the snorkel (of 2) on the plastic air intake guide had broken off. It is the part that attaches to the front panel. Is it easy to remove/refit? as i am about to order a replacement. Thanks
  17. Alan Oliver

    S3 8P Facelift Cam Follower Check

    Hi I have being doing a bit of research on the issue of Cam follower wear on 2.0 TFSI Engines. My car is an 09 Plate S3 Facelift car 81K miles with FSH. (Std as far as i know regarding ECU) I know the Cam Follower is not a service item in Audi's maintenence schedule, Are the MY09 cars still...
  18. Alan Oliver

    8P3 S3 Heater (Or lack of)

    Stopped working about a week ago. Got Halfrauds to check fuses- informed Ok last weekend Bought a new blower motor from ECP and connected up still nothing. Climate Display all working, When i press fan speed button i can hear feed going ti the motor but no blower whatsoever. Any clues? Thanks...
  19. Alan Oliver

    best wheel spacer width on std ride height

    S3 8P3 model what are the optimum spacer widths front and rear. Car has magride option with (presumably) standard ride height. Thanks
  20. Alan Oliver

    8P3 S3 RNS-E retrofit

    Hi i have a 2009 car with the Audi Concert radio/CD I want to install a MK2 RNS-E can someone please advise what parts i requiree. Had a look at the sticky but that seems to relate primarily to the Smphony unit. Thanks in advance