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    Brake Bleeding

    Another job looms! Couple of questions about bleeding the brakes: First, I have vacuum bleed tool which connects to each calliper in turn (one or two bleed nipples) and sucks fluid/air through, is this ok to use instead of the type that pressurises the system from the reservoir end? (works on a...
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    RS3 Dampers

    To update on the damper issue. Have much improved the car without touch the dampers or springs! Took the car to CenterGravity at Atherstone initial run and diagnostics identified wheels pointing in all directions! It was clear someone had had a go at setting the suspension but also that some...
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    EPC issue

    Hi all, took the car out this morning (to the doctors!) took the long way home for a good thrash. Then this afternoon got in turned the ignition on to be greeted with the EPC light staying on and a warning not to exceed 4000rpm no funny noises, nothing felt wrong. Drove to the shops 3-4 miles...
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    RS3 Dampers

    Thanks for the replies.
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    RS3 Dampers

    Don't know if this has been covered before but I've a few questions about the dampers. Cars has 48k miles on it and although 1 rear spring has been replaced the dampers never have. What would be a reasonable life for the dander ones? Without specialist equipment is there anyway to test them...
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    Slow Warmup

    Hi all, another 'newcomer' question. The car seems surprisingly slow to warm up taking 5 or 6 miles to move off the 50 and reach the first graduation. Eventually it gets near the 90 and then stays pretty much there. Is the normal? Certainly no signs of any issues. Do I need a new thermostat? Are...
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    Wheel bolts

    Should any part of the wheel bolt be lubricated? Car goes into the main dealers tomorrow because I can't shift any of the wheel bolts - even with a 3ft breaker bar! Now I know they had at least 2 wheels off less than month ago and torque setting is not that great so I'm assuming that they are...
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    Decided that to fit winter wheels and tyres to my RS3 8P, however would like to go for 235/40 x 18, handbook recommends these as giving clearance for chains and quotes offset as 50. Alternatively are there other offsets that will fit with that tyre size?
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    Hi folks,

    Thanks, lovely wheels but I was thinking of something a bit more down market! I really must take some pics - so far this is it!
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    Hi folks,

    I've sort of stumbled into RS3 ownership (Porsche don't make a 5 door hatchback!) and I'm well pleased that I did. Car is a 2013 reg. 8P, still getting to grips with it - lots to like, a few queries ( to follow) and only one real dislike - the steering wheel! First query - can anybody recommend...