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  1. A8Shep

    TCM Replacement required - second hand or not?

    Okay, I think (thanks to VCDS) that I have identified (one of) the problem with my A8. Perhaps prematurely, I bough a second hand TCM as I believed that it would be a part number swap (4D0 927 156) however I have noticed that the last two letters don't match - is there any relevance to these...
  2. A8Shep

    Naughty A8 - Cyclic revs at low speed, interesting but misleading codes!

    Hello everyone I have an 02 D2 2.8 A8 which I would like to start enjoying at some point but there are a couple of things still bothering me with it. I have had the autobox fully serviced and while it was open had the solenoid valves cleaned as well. Bank 3 had shown as faulty so that was...
  3. A8Shep

    Hello everyone

    Hi I'm Shep from West Cumbria A8 owner with a few niggles (the car not me!), looking forward to plundering the wealth of Audi knowledge on here.