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    Front and rear black badges

    Can anyone recommend where to buy black badges from? Audi parts direct are after £225 for full set. Seen ones on eBay etc for much cheaper with good reviews. Only issue is dimensions for the front grille. All of them say 273x94mm but looks like mines around 260x94mm Sent from my iPhone...
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    8y exhaust sound

    My brothers just picked up a 65 plate s1 and I’ve just had a shot of it. Its actually depressing how poor the 8y is and what I’ve noticed is for all the exhaust isn’t as loud, sounds like the engine noise is significantly louder even at idle? There’s next to nothing coming from the S1. I’m...
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    Delivery of an S3

    I’ve finally been told I can collect my Navarra blue S3 on Monday! I’ve not been a huge fan of asking for things but just wondering if anyone has had a good experience and been given any freebies? When I collected my merc I was given a full tank, branded umbrella and cap and a supagard kit...