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    RS3 Discussion Thread

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    RS3 Discussion Thread

    Guys, I had confirmation from my local dealers today that the RS3 will now be launched Q1/Q2 in 2011. The Dealer Head of Business saw the car in the flesh last night in the sportback version and said it looked excellent and although not confirmed he imagined there would be a 3-door version as...
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    New S3 flat spot in power?

    Hi guys, Just got my new Black edition S3 in white last week! It has a flat spot at 1800rpm only when pulling off with the wheels turned (not on lock). It's noticable when pulling out of junctions with the wheel turned and it can be noticed most when driving very calmly up to mildly...
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    Milltek swap

    Hi guys, Might have spelt Milltek wrong but anyway... I'm selling my 2007 S3 and getting a brand spanking White S3 Black Edition... I want to put my Milltek from the 2007 onto the 2010... Should it fit? Regards, Dave
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    My S3

    Hi guys, just thought i'd you know my car is up on piston heads incase anyone is interested.. Regards, Dave
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    Maybe caught speeding - a lot

    Hi Guys, I may have been caught speeding today by a camera in a van sat at the end of a dual track in a city which i've never driven before... Myself and a collegue both in seperate cars pulled out of a taybarn entrance in the said area and were heading down this dual track towards a set of...
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    New tyres for the S3

    I was struggling to find posts on tyres, although i'm sure there is a thread somewhere?? I've got pirellis at the moment ahd hate them as they are too loud!! only good thing is i've had 14000miles out of the set and the rears probably have another couple of thou left! I'm looking at either...
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    bowers and wilkins zeppelin or Bose idock?

    Hi guys, Anyone got any views on which system is the best? there's a little bit of a price difference but that doesn't matter, i just want the system which has the best sound quality ... Cheers, Dave
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    After getting the Milltek

    Just thought i'd share this with anyone thinking of getting one.. I've had a Resonated TB system fitted to my 2007 S3 and can't believe what a difference it's made.. Since having the car re mapped back near xmas i thought the car was quite jumpy and never smooth even when trying to drive...
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    S3 exhaust - value

    Hi guys, I'm getting my Milltek TB fitted this thursday... Just getting a feeler, does anyone want to but my standard S3 exhaust?? I'm guessing this might only be any good to 2.0TQS owners? how much could i sell it for (covered 24000miles)? Cheers, Dave
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    1 litre of oil in 6 weeks/2500 miles

    Hi Guys, Had to fill my car (2007 S3) up with Oil today as i was near minimum after only just having an oil change (it's got 5/30w fully synthetic currently in it) carried out by my local dealers... The change was carried out approx 6 weeks ago and no more than 2.5k miles. The miles i've...
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    Navigation map upgrades

    Hi guys, Do i have to pay audi for the privilage to have my Nav updated? it gets lost half the time (or i do) and doesn't seem to have half the UK in it!! The car is a 2007 S3 ... Cheers Dave
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    Remapped S3 losing boost high end

    Hi guys, only tried this a few times on Private roads/ disused air fields with permission (thought i'd clear that up haha)... I'm losing boost at speeds above around 110mph in 5th gear and 130mph in 6th. The car will still pull but not very well and the turbo can be heard constantly coming...
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    Dump valve - I'm not a chav!

    Guys, I'm not into the dump valves you get on jap cars... After hearing the sound of the Audi S1 rally car dump valve, i want one! It makes a kind of fluttering noise which just sounds awesome. I'd guess someone is going to tell me you either can't buy them or they only work on cars with...
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    Oil pressure warning light on S3

    Hi guys, Just been on a 30mile trip, 2 minutes from home coming into town after coming round a sharp bend at approx 20mph in 3rd gear - calm driving the Oil Pressure Warning light came up on the DIS. It kept beeping at me as if to say stop, just as i was going to pull over it went off!! Any...
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    xenons - are they supposed to self adjust

    Hi guys, My car is a 2007 S3 - Is it right to assume that my xenons should adjust when the level of the car changes, for example i'm at the brow of a hill just on the decline but i can see the line of my lights well above the roof of oncoming cars? This is a frequent thing and i seem to be...
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    A few bits i'm getting rid of..

    Guys, These bits have been sat in my shed for some time now so i'm either ebaying or binning them if i have no luck on ebay. I've got the following from my A3 1.8T sport (2002 8L facelift): Full set of springs Exhaust back box with twin tailpipes welded on (makes it look very similar to...
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    Paintwork warranty

    Guys, Had my car 3 months now and after having it pointed out by my local dealers the car has had a respray it looks like the laquer is going to soon start peeling off. The car is a 2007 S3 in Dolphin grey (or maybe the other similar colour) It's clear the respray is accross the off side...
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    Dodgy Turbo after REMAP??

    Hi guys, Had a remap (oettinger) today at RSD on my S3(2007). I'm definitly pleased with the map but also a little concerned. When in 5th or 6th at anything from 3000rpm and above the turbo will die off and kick back in on and off all the way up to the limiter... it seems like the power...
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    S3 wheel colour change

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of changing the colour of my wheels (standard S3 18") to either black or a similar colour to the car (Dolphin grey 07 S3) I'm not looking to buy new wheels, just change mine so they don't look so damn bright and shiney!! Any opinions on what would look best? Pics...