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    anybody tried the new s3

    went down to huddersfield audi today to see the rs3 they had on there website . on arriving had a look around outside and there was no rs3 . so i went inside and as soon as i walk in there is a new s3 sportback in black i had a good look round it and was very impressed with it at this point a...
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    shaks specialist cars

    does anybody know this company or had any dealings with them ? has they are only 19 miles from me . they seem to have a lot of rs3s five or six i think .
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    red rs3 on ebay

    does anybody have any info on the red rs3 that is on ebay it is the newest listed . it is a 11 plate and i have read that a lot of red 11 plates were press cars and a few have been in smashes . just dont want to buy a wrong en thanks